How It Feels Living With Endometriosis

Endometriosis affects one in ten Australian women, and yet still the average time it takes to get a diagnosis is between seven and ten years. – – – – – How It Feels …


  1. I had a health care professional tell me my pain was in my head and tried prescribing me Prozac when I first sought help for my debilitating pain. 20 years later and I still have not found a physician that will actually help

  2. Just woke up this morning at 5am with what I call my "endo shock pains". best way to describe them is well… it literally feels like my ovaries and thighs are being painfully electrocuted (Yes it spreads to the legs) . I accidentally woke my boyfriend up with my breathing techniques that I use to calm them down, and had to get some potato chips and a glass of water to take some mefanamic acid and wait am hour for it to kick in because I can't get surgery yet for my endometriosis. This is why we need research. And so many others deserve it because I don't ever want any other people to go through the same thing that I did at my age.

  3. I am 9 years into my pain and now I am just getting referred to a gynecologist. I always suffered from very painful periods but have had chronic pain since 2012 in my lower abdo area that was always brushed off.

  4. The pain is so bad, the pain and pressure you feel is so bad, no medication helps my pain, I'll be on the floor, crying, screaming from pain, vomiting and just about passing out but nothing really fixes it. I'm fortunate to only be affected by the pain on the first couples of days of my period but I always dread that time of the month. I just want some pain relief.

  5. me thinking back to that time in sixth grade I was literally doubled over in pain 👁👄👁 I told one of my friends mom about my period symptoms and she told me about endo. I'm 17 and that's the first time I've ever heard about it. not even in my health class. she has endo

  6. I know I have something wrong, I know that I have endometriosis.. I just tried to get checked out for it and my doctors told me my reports were clear and that I'm okay and there's nothing wrong…..

  7. ATTENTION everybody suffering from endo or who has a loved one living through it: JOIN Nancy’s Nook on Facebook. It’s absolutely bullshit that women have to undergo multiple surgeries from incompetent physicians who aren’t well-equipped to deal with this disease.
    The ONLY way to properly eradicate endo is through an excision surgery performed by a Nancy’s Nook Excision Specialist! Seriously! Not only will it finally put you on the road to recovery, almost all women are able to even go on to have children after getting the proper surgery done!
    I’m 21 years old, I was diagnosed when I was 18, & I have had 6 surgeries since then. My 6th and FINAL surgery was performed in March of 2021 – so just a couple months ago – by a REAL endometriosis surgeon. If they are not in the highly-vetted Nancy’s Nook group, they are most likely not a skilled enough surgeon to help you. And yes, I had severe stage 4, and they were able to get ALL of it.
    Don’t listen to egotistical doctors who claim they have done a fellowship in minimally invasive gynecological surgeries & therefore say they can do the surgery. Not true. It takes faaaaar more experience, skill, practice, & time than the fellowship.

  8. I'm a doctor and I thought I had experienced 10/10 pain in the past. Apparently not. Have had 2 trips to hospital this year with pain so severe I was doubled up to the point my chest was on my thighs, barely able to talk, unable to walk, first one came on within minutes, next time I had a bit of warning and had some strong painkillers left from the first admission. But even with that and knowing what it was didn't help. Both times needed large doses of painkillers to settle things down. Scary being home alone in excruciating pain and calling an ambulance but them not having an ambulance available to send to me for > 1 hr. Definitely don't underestimate the pain of endometriosis. Both times I've needed a couple of days in hospital and then needed about a week to recover properly with exhaustion and bloating persisting after the pain finally resolved.

  9. Wow, I couldn't imagine having to go through this. A girl I met recently was telling me about her experiences with Endometriosis and I decided to do more research to better understand it. Unfortunately I will never have the understanding as some who is experiencing this would. I wish that there was more that I could do for her.

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  11. I've had the same experience I've been through hell for years and so many doctors have said oh its probably just period pain, when I'm crying in agony… I've struggled since I was 16 and I'm 22 now and waiting for surgery to be diagnosed…. no one has listened to me until now and I still feel lost

  12. So debilitating, but no one can see it. Instead of explaining I just started hiding myself. I only live half a life. I’ve done everything my doctors have asked of me, so many surgeries, medications. I’m 47, what a waste.

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  15. I’m 17 and got diagnosed really early it is absolutely excruciating thankfully my boyfriend is very supportive and understanding, when I say diagnosed they said suspected Endo however I went at 14 and took 3 years of being in morphine cocodamol and tramadol from the age if 14, I tried many many pills and I absolutely hate them and I had a male doctor tell me when I was in the hospital after been given morphine for my pain that the only thing anyone is gonna do is put me on the pill, who the fuck is he to say that it really pissed me off anyways I finally after 3 years can get a larascopy after another ultrasound mri and blood test, what I’m trying to say is never settle for the pill if you don’t want to stay strong because we shouldn’t have to go on it and if you want the surgery don’t stop till you get it

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