World first study in Australia: Cannabis for dementia patients

A world first study in Australia will find out if cannabis can improve quality of life for people living with dementia. It is hoped the findings will help patients lead …


  1. How do we know this is organically grown NON-GMO cannabis without the use of chemicals and pesticides/herbicides? We don't. Best option? Allow people to grow their own medicine.
    I wouldn't trust anything from the government. They probably poison your weed so you get sick then blame the weed and keep it illegal.

  2. well its nice to see you guys waking up after all this time welcome to the real world,,,,any one of you that is keeping this plant away from Australia ,the ones that getting payed you know who you are, ALL of ya you know who you are, if ya keep this plant or any oils from this plant from Australia people you are the utmost cruelest people in Australia,and the world. i hope only the very very worst for you.,but in the mean time you guys go on and enjoy that money.

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