1. Jolly good show I'm sure my response to this session was not what was anticipated however it was positive so Cheyenne would be happy I did maybe you should get a laugh out of today and I've got to ask what college can be proud to say that you Grace their doors? and that is not a sarcastic statement before it's taken out of context having an intelligent brain can be aggravating at times tide understand why people don't see things the same way you probably don't do things temporary either very well. He's never been a good word have a great day sir and please find out what number 3 I can't lose any more sanity that I already have thank you

  2. The reason I bring up my son who is also a coding engineer is because it shows how silly the choice was for the study. There are a lot of people who really suffered because of Covid. They've lost their jobs, can't afford to eat and if they haven't lost their homes already they are in serious danger of becoming homeless in a matter of months. A software engineer who is able to work from home is unlikely to suffer mental health issues due to Covid although many people are. If a software engineer develops something like depression they probably would have with or without Covid. Otherwise like my son they will realize how lucky they were to have chosen the right career and do what they can to help others who might be less fortunate. The James in their study sounds as if he has never known anything but privilege. He doesn't seem to understand that life isn't always as you want it to be.

  3. My son is a software engineer who also plays numerous instruments and sings. He has a nice black lab, an adorable live in girlfriend. He is remodeling his primary home, improving the yard and using his travel trailer to go camping while avoiding eating out or using a hotel occasionally for showers. He loves working at home where his schedule is even more flexible as long as he gets the job done on time. The life of a software engineer is a very comfortable one leaving little room for depression although 2020 was indeed a bad year for mental health issues due to inability to visit friends and family while having no way of knowing if you would all live to see each other again. An on online visit just isn't the same. It can't even include a hug.

  4. I am so sorry about your friend and what happened to his daughter. I have PTSD and I know first hand the battles to overcome issues from it. I am under income, white and my husband is in a wheelchair from an uninsured drunk driver yet we are shamed because of our financial conditions. even family have shamed me for being poor to a point of being outed of family. PTSD has been such a nightmare. But the flash backs is not as hard as the treatment from people because you have flash backs. Good people read this kind of trash and believe homelessness or hardships are intentional … thank you for this video… you are so on target! Thank you for speaking up and honestly…. just thank you!

  5. A lot of people having addiction struggles are probably getting the drugs from doctors and taking them long term. It didn't say overdoses are rising. If that were happening either they are taking fewer for awhile and saving up or getting extra on the street. Poor people can get medication free or close to it on Medicaid while seniors usually get medication insurance along side their Medicare making it easy to get addictive substances.

  6. Right along with your podcast as I walked past a TV along the bottom in big white letters it said Covid increasing addiction struggles. How fitting. Obviously I'm not at home because there's a TV which is something I don't find worth owning although I'm considering one so I can cast my YouTube and other videos to it. Maybe it would even be worth getting Netflix or something.

  7. Very sorry about yr friend and his daughter. I hate opiates, refusenik on those, they upset my stomach but yeah I have PTSD from a torturous childhood, after decades I still cant just fall asleep on my own. The untested vax is for what, oh right, an unisolated virus. #NoVaccineForMe and yes they just PUSH it on us, the endgame of 'their' game. Please watch ClearValue Tax ch's video from today, looks like the CTC stimulus may be forever, what about the rest of us, grrrr? I love yr passion as well as yr compassion. Thx Walter!

  8. Wow…just Wow!!! So, that's how "they" think?! Man, are we in trouble! I'm so glad I'm NOT of the elite crap class. Thanks for the Read, Walter. I know that was not easy to get through. But, YOU are the one that held our interest.

  9. I am an anti-covid vaxxer, definitely not a flat earther and don't know anyone that is. Among multiple other reasons, my doctors (some have patients coming from all over the world for their med care) and their staff are not getting this vax based on in-depth research, science and knowledge, but offer it to the folks that the government and associates have wrongfully instilled fear in to perpetuate their evil agendas.

  10. The supplement NAC and a B vitamin complex can help with mental issues. One good thing about NAC is in studies those who were taking it had no symptoms 75% of the time when exposed to the flu virus. It helps clear toxic metals from the body and is excellent for lung, liver, and brain health and is sometimes used to help with autism and bipolar disorder. Iodine helps with brain health according to research and many people don`t get enough of it. Most are low on vitamin D and magnesium too. Check with your doctor before using anything to be sure it`s safe and safe with your medication. Get your blood work done and find out if your vitamin D levels are normal. I forgot to mention vitamin K2. <Very important!

  11. 24 hour water fast..use distilled water..also eat fresh cilantro ..make salsa or pestos..help remove metals from the body..their is an iron molecule that has a charge..which may be what people are reacting to❤️❤️❤️❤️🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

  12. Mental health definately declined. Especially for little kids whom are at a basic level. Them Trying to develope socially and emotionally or connect with others….is very damaging and they are scared deeply and maybe for life. I did the best i could to teach social skills and tried to make friends. It was just horrible to watch a little 4 yr.old to go thru such disappointments and heart break and let downs.

  13. My cancer came back during all of this and I went from a home with three young children running around the house to having them go stay with other people because I can't take care of them, I can't hardly take care of myself. So it has just been me for all this time, and I have to fite off loneliness and know how it is.

  14. I have been in therepy on and off for 35 yrs I was abused and my poor mom I can make your head spin like the exorcist trust me my story isn't free very painful to talk about it

  15. That's why we have legal despensery's for all kinds of alments but you want not to tax recreational marijuana that's wrong it's wrong tax it federal tax not let them write it off it's not there money they collect the tax at the end of the yr. Or quarterly I don't get that

  16. Japan and Chinese take care of there seniors not the us.we have to put our parents sometimes don't have a choice not my mom she stayed with me speaking of fentinal I saved 2 of my friend's some are Dead with families they thought they were doing cocaine none of this is positive all negative SAD

  17. I have sleep problems and panic attack's my business is gone forever I've was already on SSDI my while family has passed all I have is my son who is OCD having very difficult time now s new varient computers aren't really my thing can't really go out go anywhere you want so done all this now I'll be on SSDI I wonder if I'll ever sleep without meds as also I had a rare condition in my face only thousand's get no cure there is something that I can try but probably have poralysis for the rest of my life I'm almost 60 I have mine and then collect my survivor benefits I worked for 40 yrs my friends are gone and all of my family passed away so I have my dog and my music cant make money now everything is electronic stocks are out of control this world takes all the wrong turns and no stopping soon one disaster after another more to come look at calf is money going to make red very body happy yes you need to pay my bills but not health MJ isn't supposed to be a write off the federal taxes would be to help pay our debt to all the stimulus money you have it backwards medical works and CBD is a wonder drug the problem is they don't want it insulin over seas is 19.99 here 98.00 that all I get what I worked my life I'm not milking anything I deserve it also these shots have side effects

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