What's That Pepper Ep14 – Scotch Brain

Scotch Brain (Capsicum Chinense) is a cross between a Scotch Bonnet and a 7 Pot Brain Strain Yellow. These pods were sent to me by JaunitosPeppers.


  1. Just grew my first scotch brain years after seeing this video and being intrigued. The heat is much less than expected, the banana peppers I grew were much hotter. The flavor was amazing, very fruity citrus-y and juicy. It was super sweet at first. I can't wait to make hot sauce with the rest of them!

  2. hello I am from south Africa i think scotch bonnets are beautiful too and as now we have summer i have recently planted I'd like to try to cross a cherry bomb and scotch bonnet

  3. Thanks for the continued reviews Khang. I heartily recommend the Purple Tiger Chilli (aprox 20k SVU) if you want a productive and attractive chilli plant

  4. from my understanding…there's a guy from the middle of the USA.. Greg. goes by PIC1 on a website called Thehotpepper.com. he is also a scotch bonnet lover…I grew these last year and I got one pod before it died

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