1. Omg i love this video!
    I dont have a baby but i do have so many moments of "blackout stupidity" ..the one where I'm on the phone and looking for it is literally my number one most of the time. I absolutely love you and your videos, you make me laugh everyday. Thank you so much for making the funny videos you make and just for who you are.
    I love everything you do. Huge far away fan here all the way from Israel.
    You're the best.
    This year has been one of the shittiest ever and to wind with your videos and smile makes everything better.
    Love, and keep making us laugh please.

  2. I used to instantly forget where I put my phone after setting it down and after a good 2 minutes it was always under me.

    Also, I made my boyfriend order pizza and I was going frantic looking for my phone..I let him borrow it.

    It's been 6 months and I still got baby brain lmao

  3. My grandmothers father forgot his last kids name when he went to register him and accidentally named the last kid the same as the first. Two of his kids had the same name.

  4. Like three years ago my family and I went on a big holiday and we had to do a connecting flight situation and it was the longest flights and when we got off it was like 3am and the airport was empty. We’re walking down this hall and there’s all these lights and I’m so tired. I saw an airport checker dog and went awww hi. I got super excited to see a puppy and then realised it was a life sized cardboard cut out.

  5. my 1 year old who was still breast feeding at this time came up to me while i was sitting at a table chatting with my in-laws and family friends and pulled my stretchy dress and exposed my boob, and was trying to eat and i was just like oblivious for a moment and freaked out when i realized i looked like an actual
    hucow with my daughter trying to get at me hahah not funny at the time though lol. i took her inside and fed her and was pretty embarrassed the rest of the day

  6. I only have one kid… have to think for a bit when asked his birthdate and can’t spell his middle name. It’s Dasheil or Dashiel or something.. his dad choose it. He’s 14

  7. My pregnancy superpower was that I would be sick all day and then dream I was eating the most amazing food at night. Feasts of chocolate pudding and French fries and burgers and pizza, all tasting better than ever. I lost a lot of weight that first trimester.

  8. My last pregnancy i needed to put the window up in the car and instead i almost pulled the hand brake that wouldn't of been very good at 100ks lol i clicked on the last second and realised oh shit thats not the window button i dunno what I was thinking

  9. my super power when I was pregnant was the sense of smell. I could smell when fruit was about to go bad, you could blindfold me in the store and take me down the spice aisle and I could sniff out any individual spice like a I was a bloodhound. fresh air made me sick lol the smell of everything was soooo strong.

  10. Baby brain: I went to put a bag of clothes in the fridge. Tried to put the kettle in the microwave… And lots of other dumb shit 😂

  11. I drove all the way home from the grocery store and thought I left my keys there.
    I called my husband panicking.
    Then I realized I drove home so I had to have my keys somewhere with me.
    They were in the ignition.

  12. Lol, when I was pregnant, I cried because my sister had ate the other half of my Subway sandwich that I had put in the fridge for later. Literally BAWLED for 2 hours over it. Lol my 2 year old son has cried about too many dumb things for me to even remember any of them😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  13. My mom literally goes through my brothers name, then my cat and my dog, then finally my other siblings that aren't even here. Then, she says mine. I'm already down the staires before she says it 😑😤

    Another thing, I forgot how to speak one time and wasn't able to speak properly for that day. It was weird and I kept stuttering 🤷

  14. Went to have maternity pictures taken at a park. Left the park after pictures to get dinner and discovered my wallet was gone. Freaking out because it had been stolen I called and canceled all my credit cards. Had to borrow gas money from the photographer to get home. Only to arrive home and discovered my wallet sitting on the kitchen counter. Had to get all new cards after that 🤦🏼‍♀️

  15. Stayed in a Sydney Lodge in Randwick with my 3 kids aged 8 weeks, almost 2 and 10. Left kids in room to say good bye to my friend, metres from the door. My 10yo followed me out, the door closed and locked with keys locked inside. Staff REFUSED to let me in to room, so police were called to get us in

  16. When I was pregnant with my first child, I had just moved into my first rental. I was exhausted and pregnant went for a shower and I ran out of hot water so I just started crying in the cold water instead of turning the shower off. 🤦

  17. I was pregnant with my third, and on route to our holiday destination we drove by a fast food joint for some food, and I ordered two pies. They were my favourite so I saved them for later when the kids are asleep. We arrived at the hotel, and couldn’t find the pies anywhere! Frantically searching for them, had my husband join in on the hunt, the we found the wrappers in the bin. I was so frustrated saying “the kids ate them! When did they get their hands on them? I hid them well”

    Until much later it hit me… “oooh i ate them earlier!”

    For the life of me, I had no memory of eating the pies at all and looked all over the place for the pies that were already in my belly! Hahahah

  18. After working nightshift I hadn't slept in like 2 days (because I had no sleeping pattern) and I got home in the morning and figured I'd have some toast and a cup of tea afterwards when I woke up a few hours later my sister wanted a coffee but couldn't find the kettle or the toaster turned out I'd put them away in the fridge behind all the groceries that I'd bought the day before 🤣🤣

  19. PMS brain not baby brain, but I broke a spaghetti scoop that I used as a back scratcher and I cried violently for half an hour and kept the pieces in hopes of gluing it together

  20. A Japanese friend of mine panicked when she was out shopping with her 2 kids and suddenly realized the baby wasn’t with her. She raced to the police station next door to report her missing child and the cop said to her, ‘What’s that on your back?’ She suddenly realized she had strapped the baby to her back before walking to the shops and somehow forgot she had done that as she usually drives!

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