UK's first patient to get medical cannabis has to pay £2,500 for 3 month's supply – BBC Stories

Carly Barton was in her early twenties when she suffered a stroke. It left her in continuous pain until she started consuming cannabis from the black market.


  1. Its not so bad now, mine is £1800 for 3 months supply, beats being addicted to morphine for 15 years. It's too bad that you have to have been poisoned by every useless chemical therapy before you can get it prescribed but at least it's a step in the right direction.

  2. I know what you mean I call it "The Stunned Mullet Effect" when the pain dissappears it's literally a shock to the system.
    I know what you mean aboit that pain… after using thc/cbd oil I'm waiting for some dry flower…
    supposed to be cheaper.
    God Bless.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Once upon a time weed was legal, every one was happy. Then once upon a time some fat cats descovered oil as in fuel for cars etc then more fat cats destroyed forests for paper. Then some hippy said hey dude why use fossil fuels? and destroy our forests? You can use my Weed to make paper in a fraction of the time without destruction also dude you can use my seeds to make bio fule! Oh and big pharm fat cats can use it instead of mind destroying synthetic drugs! Plus thousands of other uses! Fat cats say that! We will loose our money! The war on cannabis began! And " they" don't give a shit about legalisation because they can make massive amounts through the justice system.. If there ever was such a thing. I hope to see legislation. Hope is like faith I have little of both in this life😔

  4. &tell her calm down they will give you slap on wrist untill the second time then £100 fine then 3rd time £1000! Fine, I've not been caught a 4th time so I don't know how much the fine will be haha more than likely £10000

  5. Did you see at the end that the government has informed doctors to not prescribe as they need more evidence and research to be carried out..
    that’s a bloody joke why don’t they look at the USA and Canada’s research.. I mean look how far up America’s arse they are and now they want more research.. what a bunch of hypocrites!!

  6. I smoke green in the uk 🇬🇧 but mainly stick to CBD hemp now as it’s legal but sometimes I buy proper green. Mj should be legal in the uk but with the Tory party in charge we don’t stand a chance of it becoming legal over here. Everyone here still will smoke cannabis whether legal or illegal but the government could make millions if they legalised and taxed cannabis, like tobacco is taxed.

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