U.S. House Lawmakers Advance Bills on Cannabis Protections for Immigrants & Veterans | Morning Buzz

Cannabis News Update July 2, 2021 Today in cannabis news: A North Carolina state Senate panel approves a medical cannabis legalization measure; Harvard …


  1. It’s funny the person from NC only cared because she was effected personally. Otherwise she wouldn’t have cared about the others suffering. Now to mention medical is a half step in helping people. Full legalization is the only acceptable answer.

  2. It’s really disconcerting that someone could lose the chance to become a citizen just for admitting to consuming marijuana. I’m sure immigrants experience pain and suffering just like we do and should have the right to seek out alternative treatment. I hope this bill passes.

  3. I hope that the committee for NC that pertains to dehabilitating conditions expand it to at least have PTSD, stress/anxiety. Thanks for the update!!! 💚✌️😤💨

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