TWiV 772: COVID-19 clinical update #68 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

In COVID-19 clinical update #68, Daniel Griffin discusses children acquiring infection at birthday parties, immunogenicity of vaccines in solid organ transplant …


  1. Daniel Griffin, always a pleasure, always something to learn. L liked this: ~34:31: "The vaccines are incredibly effective…Maybe we're still under-selling the vaccines across the board…"

  2. Do you think that it’s strange that we hear only about wildly silly vaccine safety concerns, and not the valid ones? It seems strange to me…

  3. So everyone is agreed that anyone who suggests that the virus came from Fort Derrick is crazy?

    Edited to change the verb to the singular.

  4. Fantastic update good to hear from dr daniel always a good discussion I received my 2nd Oxford vaccine 8 days ago I had tiredness next day then 3 days later I had swollen throats glands I thought I had contracted covid so I have been tested 3 times and I'm glad to say I have tested negative my immune response is working best wishes all in the United States 👍 here in Glasgow younger groups are catching covid its spreading quickly its mainly unvaccinated and 1st vaccinated people this delta variant seems to infect quicker best wishes from Glasgow scotland 👍

  5. What were the characteristics of those 2 patients who died? Were they old? Any comorbidities? Did they actually die from COVID or they died with COVID? Need to answer these questions before concluding that natural immunity is ineffective.

  6. How many of the 600,000 people that have died in the US and been attributed to Covid-19 have actually died from poor health care? There was a study several years ago (Before the current dishonest phase of institutions) that showed that 250,000 people per year were killed by medical accidents (Iatrogenic medicine).

  7. I have no personal opinion on azithromycin, and whether or not it can be used to treat covid. I haven't looked at any studies to critically evaluate them. But I do have a problem with a systemic cognitive mistake that I've seen Vincent and some of his guests make as well as other doctors and virologist.

    A great many compounds have multiple effects. Just because something is labeled antibacterial doesn't mean it doesn't have other properties including antiviral properties. Azithromycin And a variety of other compounds that that have been tried in this pandemic and in previous ones with anecdotal reports of success, offend some laboratory work and even some clinical trials do have multiple affects not just antibacterial but also antiviral and anti-inflammatory. This shouldn't be surprising since many of the drugs we use are derived from microorganisms, fungi and plants that are not trying to produce a chemical defense in one particular category but instead produce chemicals that help them survive. It is fairly common for a drug to be developed for one purpose and then be switched to a completely different purpose when it's found out that they've got a more robust activity in another domain that will be easier to demonstrate efficacy for FDA clearance. The first antidepressants, the monoamine oxidase Inhibitors started out as antituberculosis drugs, cyclosporine and rapamycin very important anti-rejection drugs also started as antibiotics, minoxidil the hair growth and Viagra the erection growth drugs started as blood pressure medications, and we can even look at hydroxychloroquine what started out as an anti-parasitic but now in the west is much more widely used for treatment of autoimmune disorders. So it's important to avoid the cognitive trap just because a drug is purposed in one way it is wrong to use it in another. The way drugs that get purposed in medical practice it's not a metaphysical or scientific absolute truth, it's a bit of science but mixed in with economics and Regulatory processes as well as accidents of History and the relatively blind consolidation of traditional Medical Practice.

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