Twitter is CENSORING Virginia Cannabis Legalization?

CORRECTION: TWEET from Senator Amanda Chase seems to be fake. I Will be making a Correction video this week. Twitter is CENSORING Virginia Cannabis …


  1. How about all these uneducated people do a little research about flower before they open there big mouths (Amanda Chase). Some people blow my mind when they say ignorant things about cannabis Lord Willing they can and will get properly educated about cannabis before they open there silly little mouths.Hey how about this Amanda Chase just because you have senator next to your name doesn't make you smart

  2. Great video, Luc. Really appreciate your thoughts and insight on the legalization boom that’s on the horizon. Exciting times to be invested in the cannabis space.

  3. State senator Chase is a republican who is being censored online. It's ok, her voice is going to be banned soon like trump. Misinformation is real.

  4. Amanda Chase, I just saw a picture of you holding an assault style rife. Guns like this really do kill people. I'm not saying they shouldn't exist but I would feel a lot safer if you just had a bong.

  5. Love stuff like this man. Expose the ignorance! Content is getting more clean and concise btw. I won't count your chickens for you, just keep working hard man, as it def shows.

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