Twitching Eyelid? – 7 Easy Tips on How to Stop Eye Twitching

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  1. I got my first eyeglasses bc it started as this( eye twitching) and my eyesight got really bad because i have a high astigmatism. Idk whats wrong with me but somehow it lessen but my heart palpitations that came along with this is still here and im gonna freak out now

  2. In india people increase stress by saying right eye twitching is a bad signal for future or something bad is going happen that make me more anxious. That why come to this channel to get some scientific reason. In hindi all are astrology related to right eye twitching.

  3. I've drank black tea, many cups a day for over a decade but recently been drinking coffee with breakfast the past few weeks and suddenly getting these eye twitches. Maybe coffee is just a bit too strong for me.

  4. I'm worried about my upper lid. Almost 2 weeks twitching but not that hard.
    Waking up
    Taking a bath
    Twitching twitching twitching 🙁 what should I do? Eye drops really helps to ease the muscle and I followed all the do's and dont's. What's next? Kindly please help me. Thank youuu

    Edited: My upper lid slowly healing but my lower starting to twitch huhu please help me

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