The Top Nuts, Seeds And Superfoods To Fight Cancer – By Author Joel Fuhrman

“Joel Fuhrman M.D., a board-certified family physician who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods, and #1 …


  1. So, I pretty much follow Dr McDougal's 50/50 plate with 50% starch and 50% veg. I use organic foods from Environmental Working Group's clean 15 and rest organic or non organic as price allows. I used to have blood sugar issues when I ate meat and dairy, I'm now primarily vegan and have no blood sugar issues when I eat whole foods. I find no problems with eating white potatoes with their skins. They do not affect my blood sugar. For some reason, eating meat or cheese with potatoes was a big blood sugar issue for me. Leave out the meat and dairy and eggs, my blood sugar responses are great.

  2. Individuals, politicians and corporations all need to do more to protect the planet from climate change.
    Stop using fossil fuels. Stop using pesticides, add solar energy to your home or business, buy an electric vehicle, eat more fruit and vegetables and less or no meat and dairy, plant a tree, recycle everything. Every adult and child should own a bicycle and ride it regularly. Donate to non profits fighting for a better future. Support and elect climate leaders. Every child should plant a tree, bush or flowers wiith a parent or teacher. It will help connect them to nature and the environment. .What kind of future do you want for your children and grandchildren ?

  3. The Inuits have been living in the arctic for centuries on a diet of whale blubber, whale meat, seal fat, seal meat and fish. They ate zero vegetables, nuts and seeds. Overall they had robust health but lower life expectancy than the Canadian national average. This has been found to be the result of parasitic infestation from eating uncooked meat and also the cumulative accumulation of toxins (such as PCBs) ingested by marine mammals and fish.

  4. Here’s another way to thicken tomato 🍅 sauce. Mill up a bunch of chia in your coffee mill, and add the powder to the cooked tomato sauce.
    Honestly, it won’t weird out the taste of the tomatoes, and only increases their nutritional power. Add zucchini, onions, bell peppers, portobello ‘shrooms, capers, Italian parsley, sweet basil, and oooeeee!

  5. The medical industrial complex's failure to properly research and diagnose and treat diet and microbiome and sleep and vital nutritional deficiency issues (including those related to Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 and Magnesium deficiencies as well as iatrogenic prescription medication usage) is a major reason why psychiatric iatrogenesis is a primary contributor to the third leading cause of death in the U.S. (which is iatrogenesis in general). If the U.S. spent just a fraction of the over $40 billion each year it spends just on iatrogenic psychiatric drugs alone, for properly researching the issues discussed in this and related YouTube presentations we would probably, Lord willing, achieve an absolute revolution in medical efficacy improvement and iatrogenesis reduction.
    Thomas Steven Roth, MBA, MD
    Christian Minister for Biblical Medical Ethics, and therefore, Scientific and Religious Refugee from the Clinical Practice of Psychiatric Standards of Care

  6. This was good until he said white potatoes increase the risk of colorectal cancer what? This is a load of bs. Do you know what causes colorectal cancer? Saturated fats, trans fats , heme iron and cholesterol in animal flesh, dairy, eggs and fish all animal proteins for that matter they also cause heart disease, diabetes and stroke just to name a few. These diseases are the biggest killers in the western world. These animals are given up to 470 different types of drugs just to keep them alive because they are forced to live in their own excrement. These are very strong drugs the effects of which are only tested on the animals and not on the humans who consume them. You don't have to be a doctor to figure out what effect is that going to have on consumer's health. Dairy contains the animal's puss, blood and feces no thanks I'll stick with my almond milk 😋🌱 Once you see all the suffering and torture these beautiful animals have to go through on a daily basis in factory farms and slaughterhouses you can't unsee it. Live and let live. GO VEGAN.

  7. Onions and garlic are called a negative prana food in yoga/Ayurveda because they rob you of life energy. They do this because of two reasons because they stimulate the nervous system like caffeine and desensitize the system afterwards (at least garlic for sure) and because they're used in medicine as natural antibiotics (which is fine for medicine but not for regular daily sustenance).

    Antibiotics literally means "against life". Anytime you consume them it's like taking a broad spectrum antibiotic that kills your bad bacteria and good bacteria.

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