The Prime Act & Debunking Myths About Covid-19 Natural Immunity

We sat down with Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District to discuss his bipartisan PRIME Act (H.R. 3835 and S. 2001) and debunk the …


  1. It's all about the dollar, the CDC and big pharma are in bed together, both the government and big pharma believe you should never let the financial benefits of a pandemic go to waste. This is proven by their failure to talk about natural immunity. Natural immunity it's been around as long as human life has existed. Studies from Johns Hopkins University of medicine and from the Cleveland clinic have shown us that natural immunity is not only effective but long-lasting as of so far. I have the laboratory confirmed covid-19 more than a year ago. Approximately 3 months ago I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine which was offered through my place of employment.
    At my last doctor's visit, my doctor told me I really didn't mean the vaccine because I had natural immunity. You hear so much information from so many different sources. Who knows what a truth really is. Me personally I trust my doctor. And For me, I'm going to live my life and stop worrying about this virus, and hope I have no adverse reactions to this vaccine in the future.

  2. Mrna vaccines trades out components of DNA " Thymine to Uracil " explain how changing DNA structure to fight off a Virus ? … I'm not changing what God put There !

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