THE CARNIVORE NEWS: All of the meatiest updates on the Carnivore Community…in under 13 minutes.

2021 SUMMER EDITION: This video is intended to be both entertaining and informative. Please watch with a sense of humor. And a ribeye, if possible.


  1. Thank you for watching! Let’s keep sharing the Carnivore message with the world to help folks find true health and live a better life! 🙌🏼
    Please like, comment, and share if you’re willing. ❤️

  2. My face hurts because I have been smiling ear to ear and laughing out loud for this entire video! You really are hilarious! I’m down 26 lbs since April. I have so far to go! I did strict carnivore for 30 days and took a break from it, gained 5 back, lost it again and now trying to get back on track eating meat and minimal vege and dairy. It is difficult. I’m 61 so not so young anymore but determined to do this. Your videos are very inspiring! I’ll check out the link for your meat up in Jersey. I’m a Philly kid so I’m close by! Blessings galore to you Kelly!

  3. You’re hilarious and awesome and I love you!! Can’t wait to try that egg pudding you make for the kids. My own kids will be excited to try it!! Thank you for your inspiration and education.

  4. Can pls tell me why I gained rather then lose when all o ate was burgers , steaks and eggs for 60 days! I am 5ft tall, 125 lb and a female. Pls advise. Thank you.

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