1. WHEN ..will the authorities learn this lesson ? They can NOT stop.this ….the answer ? Just legalise it … licenced cannabis shops ..maybe selling different grades of it ….or perhaps, allow people to grow one or two plants at home. strictly FOR THEIR OWN USE. If there is a demand for a product…..it will be supplied ! The "war" on cannabis cannot be won There are other issues attached to this subject..but not for discussion here.

  2. can you imagine if they have raided 83 houses just how many are out there at any one time.they get some poor mugs to sit on the crops and they are the one's who get arrested while the gangs running the show just keep setting up more and more grows.And this is happening everywhere, police have launched a crackdown have they, not even making a dent…..

  3. 2018 tax revenue California: Cannabis – $345 million
    Australia Federal & State governments drug law enforcement was estimated by University of NSW cost between $1.03 billion & $1.07 billion year 2009/2010
    The 21st century, 2019 with draconian policies, legislation and elected representatives whom either state ignorance by verbal diarrhea "aka" pharmaceutical corp's narrative anti-cannabis medicinal health benefits their repetitive media propaganda speach, or basically they're uneducated, narrow minded uninformed imbociles & legal crime cartel politician "aka" social & professional parasite!
    Public hospitals, schools & tafe, national infrastructure, etc etc etc positive budget spending opposed to pension, NDIS, health & education reforms forced upon budget funding cuts!!!
    Wake up & actually look at reality!!

  4. Disgusting PGR Cannabis. Thank you officers for pressuring these pgr cannabis crime groups. True cannabis supporters support yous! Say no to pgr!

  5. The war on drugs is an abject failure. Mass incarceration of non-violent offenders, mass human suffering, empowering the black market and criminal activity while doing absolutely nothing to stop the flow of drugs onto the street.

    Australia, it's time to legalize it.

  6. How about just legalizing it for personal use? Most people would rather grow their own few plants as to avoid the black market.

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