Starting a Nonprofit Organization? 3 Things You MUST do First

Starting a nonprofit organization or thinking about it? Here are a few things you should do first to make sure you’re successful and can make a BIG impact!


  1. This is more like what I need right now. Starting an NGO to cater for kids who are on the street when they are suppose to be in school. Getting them back to school and helping them become successful persons in life

    I'd watch more of your videos. Thanks ma

  2. I want to start a nonprofit organization but I don't know how and where to begin. I have a YouTube where I've been posting a videos or how I serve the homeless people. YouTube Linda lazcano make sure spelling is correct. Phone number 559-652-1259 please help me. I am looking into a boarding home period to help the homeless people.

  3. thank you for sharing your process and wisdom. this is my first step in researching on starting my non profit. excited to watch your other videos. great tips.
    i am starting a non profit to support women with cancer in a few diff ways. i am starting a free hotline so they can call me for guidance. emotional support. information. picking them up in my van and taking them to nature introducing connection to nature and spirituality. and i’m creating tons of videos and content from my experience healing stage 4 cancer over the past 5 years. i already do this all for free. i want to dedicate all of my time to being in service.

  4. I have started my non profit organization in last year October and till now I am not getting anything… People are coming with kind donation not anything in cash… Plz reply to me… I am doing with a education project

  5. Non profit is only required to give 10%. Hell of a twist of scriptures! That is how the churches live fat. Without the sick or poor their would be no non profit because their would be no profit. 90% profit is GREED!

  6. I am so excited to start a nonprofit. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for years now. I’ve been in the stages of drafting my business plan.! I can’t wait have a positive impact

  7. I had 3 dreams in one night all of them were in New Mexico. in the first one I was asking a judge to give the young man a second chance just like they gave me, in my second dream I was inside a gym at a jail about to give a speech, and In the last one I was down town feeding and talking to homeless. I am a full time cook and I want to live a life that is worth living helping others. Would you focus on only one to start of the non profit or try all 3?

  8. I'm a year clean and sober after a little slip up I had.. I would like to start something to help people dealing with addiction issues.. There are so many here in Florida already.. should I not waste my time?

  9. I am an Indian & a Pastor. Back in India we have a Christian NGO which is active and serving poor and needy among Childrens and question is, Now I visited my friends in USA , along with them I have opened a nonprofit in USA with EIN ( Employer Identification number) this US based NGO is in active since 2015 to till date,I am the president of the USA NGO, but I live in India as am an Indian citizen. Can I able to stay along with my family permanently in USA? With my USA NGO documents , I would like to do all my NGO works from USA in US and India.
    Give me some suggestions

  10. I've been working at a non-profit company for about 2 years now and I've got different people telling me different things about exactly what items are tax-exempt and what items are not is there any place to get some actual clarification because I haven't seen a single video on YouTube that talks about what items are tax exempt and what items are not tax exempt I need this information so I know who is lying and who is not and so I'm not paying taxes that I don't need to be paying and that I'm not supposed to be paying at this company

  11. Hi, my name is Freanne Kongri, 24 years of age and I'm from Papua New Guinea. I completed my major in psychology from our national University last year and am waiting for graduation. Unfortunately my father passed last September and life is so hard especially having 5 younger siblings who are below 18, the youngest being 10. My family and I are currently homeless and are taken care of by our church. This has inspired me to start a Non profit organisation for orphans who may need a home or school fees etc. However, I'm still trying to figure out how to write my project proposal and my Organization profile as I have a sponsor waiting on me to do these and submit.

    You may wonder how I'm going to set up or where. We'll, we have a piece of land that we're slowly building our home on so that's where my mother and I plan to take on this project as going through this situation opened our eyes to see that there are other orphans that are suffering as much as we have hence we really want to help.

    Please help me start my project.
    Thank you

  12. I would love to talk to you amber and help me form my organization non-profit I have a big idea something I went though during my life and I think I could make a big impact.

  13. Hello, it has been a min. I wanted to send you an email but have not figured this out. I am working on bylaws. I would like to know can i find an easy way took find "NDA'S" and agreements between other non profits or for profits when entering in to agreement to do a fund raiser? Thanks in advance for your help

  14. Do you have Suggestions for Establishing Bylaws for a Coalition that Unifies Local Nonprofits to Work Together to Achieve the Same Goal? And what Aproach to bring Together?

  15. I am just starting to do my research. It's a bit overwhelming however,
    It is needed, we all have a purpose and it's been on my mind for a long time. I've spoken to some others for help and my daughter will be coming to help me soon.
    And she's my inspiration.
    Thank you for all your information

  16. Hola, I have been holding onto a dream to develop a nonprofit but in the island of Jamaica. I came across your video and it’s very informative I’m in the beginning stages, just learning need to know everything I need to know any advice.

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