Psychedelic Drugs a BIGGER Market than Cannabis? says ‘Shark Tank' Host

Psychedelic Drugs a BIGGER Future Market than Cannabis? ‘Shark Tank’ Host Are Psychedelic drugs to treat medical problems like brain damage and many …


  1. I take shrooms, acid, and dmt to sort out my goals in life and also solve problems in my life the medical benefits are amazing. About a year ago I personally think they saved my life!

  2. Isn't that a joke! Legalize CANNABIS next thing you know hey let's do mushrooms? Outta nowhere this comes can we take care of legalization of cannabis First! 😕 I've never seen so many mushroom head's until a couple years ago they started talking about this ☝️

  3. Once you have a break through on shrooms you don't take them as much.. 8 grams 7 yrs ago and only took a few grams since… even with lsd i only take it at dead shows these days

  4. all that flashing with these vids … slow the Flash Brah ! people coming here from cannabis awareness may be sufferrring seizures and what not … all that flashing does not help

  5. I think cannabis has more potential for investment because simply you can’t take psychedelics all day every day without having at least a chance of losing your mind. I’ve had friends lose their mind to psychedelics but they definitely have their place and can definitely help people IF DONE RIGHT. Cannabis on the other hand you can have it all day every day and have just honestly a shit ton and there’s really not many mental side effects. Idk this will be interesting to see how it plays out

  6. I believe he is off a hair because cannabis is a full time consumable where as psychadelics are typically less frequent in administration. Talking on those points alone the numbers don't stand to eclipse the cannabis market albeit it will be its own successful market none the less. It may have more bottom end to invest at right now…b4 everyone and there brother get in on it.

  7. I use cannabis at night for my ptsd. But have tried magic mushrooms in the past to help treat it and it definitely works a lot better than cannabis but it’s not as easy smoking a bowl at night because you never know how the trip may go and the trips are pretty lengthy. I’m all for it but I would like to see a professional set and setting with trained people to help guide the trips if they go south. But for the market I don’t think mushrooms will exceed cannabis unless they use other psychedelic drugs others than psilocybin mushrooms.

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