Pruning and Thinning Indoor Marijuana Plants – Let it GROW

Thinning marijuana plants grown under lights allows redistribution of the plants energy to forming larger leaves and eventually flowers at the top of the plant.


  1. Been watching you for a while you definitely have different method and for that branch of you’ve had experience you know it was recover and come back even thicker looking like a bone hehehe 👀😂

  2. Looks like you left a lot bud sites at the bottom of the plants. In my experience those bud sites will slow the whole flowering process down, never fully develope and take away from the overall weight of the top bud sites. Kyle Kushmans technique calls for stripping all the bud sites of every branch except the top ones since by the time a plant finishes its final stretch its going to put on 2-4 more nodes per branch. Appreciate the video

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