Pineapple Chunk Marijuana Monday

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  1. Bro pineapple chunk is pain in the ass to grow I have 20 different strains but only pineapple chunk giving me hard time to grow it this plant is so needy and wants attention of her own consistently

  2. This is absolutely an amazing strains, i grow it a several times, the smell and the flavour is incredible, really like an earthy ananas flavour with great effect i recommend it to growers !

  3. Man I live in Vegas and I literally got some weed that looked exactly like pineapple it was yellow and had greenish leaves man havent seen that strain sense it was crazy

  4. Here in north Germany in a small town you can rarely get the name of the strain you're buying.
    You only get "normal" weed that is mostly the big-producing fast-flowering mass product (may be big bud, critical, white widow). Only difference if you want "haze" you will have to pay a bit more (1-2€ more per gram).
    But it's better than in mid to late 90's where weed was really special and every dealer only had henna-cut hot pressed afghan hash.
    In big towns like Hamburg, Berlin, Munich it was of cause a bit different.

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