My Experience with Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS)

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  1. Ive known its been from weed and i always just go back momths later and ease into it, eventually ending up sick again. I am so proud of you and i hope your sobriety continues

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. I relate to you in so many ways. i just got out of the hospital yesterday from this. This will now be my 4th time going to the er. I was told i have chs the 2nd time i went in and i kept telling myself i would stop and i just couldn’t. i relied on weed to feel normal and i realize that the only way to fix this is to stop smoking. i do wonder tho if somewhere down the line i can smoke again without getting this after going a while without smoking? i’m so glad i have someone to relate to and i’m not alone in this because everyone around me has never been through this or never even heard about it. i’m starting my sober journey today. it’s hard but i’m pushing through.

  3. Idk if I have chs but everytime I smoke weed I get a TERRIBLE stomach ache. But I never have headaches or anything. It feels like I haven’t eaten in a week and my stomach is cramping at the same time. Idk if its chs or not.

  4. Chs is similar to opiod withdrawal minus the restless leg syndrome and feeling of shocks of electricity of anxiety and pain around your body

  5. well. what do you expect when you literally digest supra-physiological amounts of THC and your stomach has to metabolize all those chems. smoke flower you odd children. and if you tell me you got this from smoking flower.. ur lying. you were drinking str8 THC lean.

  6. I finally have answers . I have been going through all this for about 5 years now not knowing what was wrong with me the only thing that would ever help is lay in a scalding hot bathtub for hours and hours still throwing up of course and totally felt like death . My worst occasion I felt out of body almost thought I had sepsis I had severe brain fog and one time I even thought I saw a swelling on one side of my head on top . My question to everyone is how much did or do you smoke a day of flower .

  7. I smoked last night and I started having a bad trip , I couldn’t sleep I stayed up all night giving myself the worse anxiety. I don’t feel right in my head either. My stomach doesn’t hurt but I can’t eat I have no appetite, I’ve been throwing up green stuff. I’ve been smoking at least 4 times a day for a year. What do I do. Is it CHS ? or am I just over thinking it and scaring myself. I don’t feel good.

  8. i am crying so hard right now i cant believe this is actually my life now. im trying to graduate while going through the first symptoms of chs and im so anxious but i know i have to stop, its been 5 years now how am i supposed to do this

  9. Took me damn near a year to quit. I just couldn’t accept that it was the weed making me sic . Since July 2020 I was in the hospital every month. Quit smoking may 2021 cold turkey. I miss smoking but I don’t crave it.sickness usually last 5-7 day . Non stop throwing up ! Can’t keep no food or water down. I had to stop my body was taking a major toll .

  10. Question, when people going through an episode or series of all these symptoms, how long does it typically last until you feel okay? Is it like appendicitis or Covid that takes a few weeks to heal from? Or can it take months??
    Because my friend used to smoke a lot, for years. Last year he got sick out of now where, with a slew of symptoms as if he has some kind of syndrome. Migraines, nausea, dizziness, chest pains, eye strain, heart racing, so much. And he’s had panic disorder so he knows the difference.
    I don’t think he fully admitted to the doctor how frequently or recently he smoked so they didn’t diagnose him with CHS. He’s been struggling with this for over 6 months :/ the doctors don’t know what’s going on with him, and ye know they can only do so much
    Anyways, does this correlate with CHS??

    Btw he’s only smoked once since he first got sick but it was a month in. Don’t know if the weed was the cause but coincidentally his heart started racing that night. Since then he hasn’t smoked.

  11. I began smoking weed when I was 16. I’m 21 now. It started off as a recreational kinda thing with my friends, I’m sure people know how it is😂. But as time went on and life continued I began to feel like the weed was helping me get by and helping with a lot of inner demons. Fast forward to today, smoking everyday multiple times a day. And I throw up even on empty stomach, part of me thinks it’s vape. But I quit vaping and I still throw up nothing. I usually find that going outside and getting fresh air helps. Headaches sometimes right when I take a hit, like behind my eyes and my temples. Showers help. Drinking some water and forcing myself to eat helps. I say force myself to eat because I have no appetite what so ever. Idk. Marijuana. Amazing but weird at the same time.. I think I’m gonna go smoke rn😂😂

  12. Does anyone know if it’s mostly concentrates that’s cause this? That’s what I’ve heard and from what I’ve experienced it seems pretty accurate. When I was in the ER the nurse told me that a lot of people have recently been coming in with the same symptoms. He also said that a lot of the time it was pens that people were smoking not the plant naturally.

  13. I’m never smoking again I’ve been dealing with this for 6 yrs I never wanted to admit that I didn’t want to stop now this is my fault and I’m so happy I found someone who knows my pain

  14. Wow I’ve never related to something more in my life this is my same exact story! It’s so hard to find someone who relates thank you for this I’m literally dealing with this right now

  15. i smoke weed everyday and have been for almost a year after taking a 2 year break due to rehab. just today i woke up feeling nauseous throwing up first thing in the morning and throughout the day but my stomach doesn’t hurt like people are describing. i don’t have sharp pains but just bubble guts. does that mean i don’t have it?

  16. You’re spot on , it really feels like body is shutting down. I went through this seven times in about 16 months before being diagnosed with CHS. I’m 45 years old and started smoking at 16. By the time I was 18 I was smoking daily so stopping was a life challenge like I had never undertake. I’ve smoked twice in the last 8 months I hope to stop for good.

  17. Holy shit didn’t even know I had this a year ago, it was fucking bad. The only thing that brought some semblance of respite was hot showers and just sitting in it for hours at a time if the hot water lasted. Shit was terrifying. I didn’t know why and now I know what compelled me to take those showers wow.

  18. I’m so proud of you for being able to do that and I agree chs is ass. That’s how I feel currently and I need help I just don’t know where to start

  19. I suffer from CHS and after about 5-8 months of continuous use of mostly edibles and concentrate I usually can expect an episode. There are certain things that I notice before an episode happens (like a warning or triggers)
    1. Early morning nausea (waking up)
    2. Random hungry/empty/nausea feeling (anytime)
    3. Can only eat what sounds good, when it sounds good. Horrible appatite
    4. Heartburn and acid (resort to tums and acid blockers, sometimes even too eat)
    5. Staying up really late like wee hours and going to bed fried/baked for months on end (trigger)
    6. Using thc to combat your stress or being super stressed all the time leads to depression (trigger)
    7. Eating out all the time having a dirty horrible diet and not consuming enough water. (Trigger) Staying hydrated may be the difference in severity of attack.
    8. Drinking copious amounts of alcohol or even getting drunk (trigger) p.s the hangover feels like CHS can last for days.
    9. Don't get sucked into letting thc control when and how you visit with family and friends this leads to depression Wich is a (trigger)
    10. Wake and bake is one of the worst things to do to your brain. (Trigger) But unfortunately people who already have the morning nausea usually do smoke to be able to eat or use the bathroom.

    MODERATION is key, everyone is different and you need to find what and how much works or doesn't work for you. IE. Bud, Wax, Edibles or cessation.

    DIET eat cleaner food and stay away from fast/takeout. Or eat out Smart.
    Keep yourself hydrated all the time and don't be afraid of water.

    EXERCISE don't be a couch potato and just dab out all day. Go for a swim a walk, go fishing or hunting or hiking just being in the sun and working up a sweat helps with appatite and toxin removal.

    FELLOWSHIP don't be a loner go see people. You aren't alone your friends and family love you and miss seeing you. Just because you might not be able to smoke when you want or where you want doesn't make it right or healthy to just sit home and let your relationships take a dive because you can't get high all day.

  20. todays the day i found out this is happening! lots of bathes and plain bread took a single bite of chicken and booted immediatley thank you for your video makes me feel like things are alright

  21. Just a tip to help you when you are sick and throwing up… if you get to the point where you’re throwing up stomach acid, it helps to force down a couple gulps of Gatorade and when you do throw up, it’s A LOT better to have that come up than straight stomach acid. It’s helped me when I was going through my episodes! I PROMISE, IT GETS BETTER WHEN YOU QUIT SMOKING Y’ALL! It’s incredibly difficult giving up that Vice, but not as hard as going through these CHS episodes! Stay strong, it’ll get better I promise!

  22. For 22 Years since I was 13 Years old, I've lived with nausea, extreme vomiting, extreme stomach pains including all the other symptoms associated with CHS, including taking Long Hot showers, taking anywhere between 5-20 times day. I had smoked for 22 Years straight and only find out recently what CHS was. I Haven't smoked any Weed for 3 Days now and I'm feeling Better than I've ever felt in the last 22 Years. You have no Idea how much torture I've endured during those 22 Years.

    I will never Touch Marijuana again!

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