1. Several people have asked but no one answered "how much product for 1-gallon sprayer?" Here is my rough calculations: 1 oz. + 80 gals. water/acre = .0125 oz./gal. My scale only measures 0.1 oz. so I measure 0.1 oz of salt and divided that into 8 parts, representing 0.0125 oz. That amount is approx. the size of my little fingernail. If you pour just enough to barely cover the bottom of the measuring container that should be enough. In my first trial, it killed every living piece of vegetation it touched and nothing grew for 6 months. It is powerful stuff. Use sparingly. I would still like to know how to use it in a hose-end sprayer to kill Bahai grass on my lawn. This was obviously made for agricultural/industrial use.

  2. I don't want to gush here… but this is absolutely exemplary content. Well done to all involved who put this together. SO helpful. I will order through you next for this alone.

  3. We have a Bermuda lawn and are looking to controll a major dandelion problem. I purchased msm turf but out friend says if we use it we will kill our lawn. Can msm be used while Bermuda is still brown or will it damage the lawn? I would be using 0.1 oz per 5 gallons.

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