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  1. “Far more money has been lost preparing for corrections,or trying to anticipate corrections ,or trying to anticipate corrections,than has been lost in corrections itself

  2. Fiathave been dominating thefinancial ecosystem over the last few decades. TheUSD will perhaps be the first currency to pop into your head as soon as you think of the world’s reserve currency!!! However, can a crypt0currency, say Bitco!n, for instance, dethrone fiat and compete with the entire traditionalfinancial ecosystem? With the recent happenings in the crypt0 world it’s very safe to say yes that the crypt0 market’s largestcurrency has the potential to become a global reserve in a span of approximately 10 years ( in my own opinion ). However, most bureaucrats around the world believe thatBitcoin and othercrypt0currencies are very dangerous and inject instability into thefinancial landscape ( mainly because the concept of a nongovernment regulated currencydisrupts their plan ). Perhaps, when countries start rolling out their CBDCs, the concept of adopting Bitcoin as a reserve currency would start gaining traction, with the long termprice projection also it’s so certain that the future holds clear skies for the number one crypt0 assets. I am not a proponent for hodling even though it can be safe in favorable price conditions, I like day trαding and making gains daily thereby increasing my assets also. I copy trαde with Thomas Fuller through his trαde s!gnals and I’ve been making profits averaging 2,₿’T’C monthly for the past six months in a row. Thomas is an expert trαdr that provides trαding signals for all level of trαders and I can attest to the accuracy of his trαde signals and I would recommend his trαde s!gnals for any trαder looking to be profitable and he can be reached on Teleqram (@Fullertrades) OR his email (thomasfullerofficial@gmailcom ) for any crypto related inquiry you may have for him.

  3. yeah TTCF is overvalued… they just booked a deal with one of the biggest grocery umbrellas in the United States, but you want to buy CCIV that sells nothing…

  4. Did he just say the last 3-4 months have been painful because the dip that keeps on dipping, then say he hasn’t been excited to buy because there are no deals and doesn’t like buying when everything is green?!

  5. Warrant is like LEAP option without extrinsic value ie. no IV or time decay. Warrant price is only affected by how much in the money you are compared to the exercise price. It is superior to option and you should always choose warrant over option if available.

  6. @Meet Kevin dude stealing water from the Mississippi River is certainly not green if you consider the impact on river ecology, as I've said somewhere before good with stocks but you suck at true nature conservation.

  7. I understood Elon was speaking past tense that TSLA would have gone belly up if he had not stayed as CEO. Hopefully one his kids will have his brain and will take over TSLA at some point. 🙏

  8. If your investing experience is less than 10 years start with 5-6 portfolio. don't bet big on any single company, learn the process first.. initially diversification is not that bad, it really worked for me in initial years. remember that protection of capital is a must.

  9. Personally disagrees with not trusting the Fed…. because they have such a good track record. Remember when they lied to everyone about the mortgage crisis lolz

  10. The difference between states who ended cheque’s and those that didn’t are as big as 98% for people returning to work. Did you not even watch it?

  11. IE Tesla…Right on about Woods non answer. If Tesla or any company is dependent on their CEO for survival the shareholders are screwed.
    Kevin…Life is far shorter than you could ever imagine.
    Choose a direction,
    Love your family,

    Be a Mensch…

    is o

  12. Kevin, actually the media completely misquoted Elon. Atleast in my opinion, he meant to say “he had to be tesla CEO, or tesla would(would’ve) died”. It was not a “current statement”. I specifically looked through the transcript for this.

  13. Most of us small business owners are forced to pay people with no experience 15-20 dollars an hour just to fin help. Started a guy at 20 , he was up to 50 within 3 months, because he didnt need training and completed jobs on his own. Then he left to go start his own company. Lol. This is happening every where.

  14. Bitcoin bull market is far from over, bitcoin tops are marked by increasinly illustrative price action until a blowoff top occurs and demand steps back. According to bitcoin halving cycles, there should be at least other 4 months in this bull run, so, if the Pl indicator (and Bitcoin) might repeat a similar bull run to 2013. That would mean a local top relatively close in time and then another top to end the bull run towards mid year. Investors and traders find it difficult to decide how best to utilise the current market, hodling is profitable but trading is far more profitable. We need a trader with the correct technique and indicators to enable us earn big regardless of the current market (bulls or bears). I didn't think it was possible to make steady win from trading till I came across Millies Hansen Turner program for Investors/beginners who need understanding on how trading works, I have made more than 6 BTC trådíng actively with vera you can get her on Tëlëgräm[@MilliesHansen]

  15. Kev? Give it another listen. She said “we agree.” 👂👂👂👂Hey Boomer👂👂👂👂👂 yeah and a few dates wrong. Maybe it’s time for an Apple Watch ⌚️. #tran<3%

  16. The Chinese market and especially their tech sector have taken a beating recently. I'm bullish that it's just a dip and looking at the 3x leveraged Chinese market YINN or tech sector KWEB

  17. Hi All! I graduated college a year ago and now I have some spare money and want to start investing. I have never really invested before. To be honest, I am not a stock market expert and don't want to mess up, hence I'm here, asking for your #1 advice for new investors

  18. Hey Kev, so you got it slightly wrong about arrival warrants… The company is not forcing anything. The prospectus literally said that after 20days in a 30 day period the stock price was above 18$ warrants would be redeemed. So in short, warrant exercise price is 11.50$ and they can only be exercised from up until Monday at which point the redemption price of 0.01$ is returned to any warrant holder that has not yet exercised. In a nutshell though, the warrants are part of a spac, so the company only receives the entirety of the value of their listings if all warrants are exercised. Once you exercise the literal 11.50$ exercise price goes to the company as part of their spac raise. They are just claiming the capital they were promised as part of the raise. Hence why the SEC ruled it a liability becuase they have to return 0.01$ per warrant whilst also not allowing not yet exercised warrants to be counted as capital.

  19. Kevin, Cathie did actually answer the "Tesla will die without me" as it refers to the current time. Before she talked about Jeff "Who" Bezos she referenced his struggle with autonomy so I believe she agrees with Elon that without him, autonomy would never happen.

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