Markeith Loyd | Interrogation of a Cop Killer

On December 13, 2016, Markeith Loyd shot and killed his pregnant girlfriend, Sade Dixon and her unborn child. Loyd also shot Dixon’s brother, Ronald Stewart, …


  1. FYI: although Markeith Loyd is brought into the interview room at the beginning of this video, the interrogation itself begins around 27:45. If you are interested in reading the State Attorney's report on the use of force against Loyd, it's available at

  2. yet if anyone else was in the same situation yall be asking for that shit to be loosen to as everyone coming through taking pics like he a prize everyone messes up aint saying it kool but dude is a person like everyone else

  3. Every law abiding, sane American should own a firearm to defend against criminals like this. People want to march around saying all lives matter, rainbow lives matter whatever. But when it comes down to it, to the criminals, lives do not matter; that is just the truth of it. Laws only stop law abiding citizens, not criminals. Guns stop criminals.

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