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Four female candidates — each driven by personal experience and hardship — enter the 2018 race for Congress, challenging powerful incumbents for a spot at …


  1. Dank @mithtools auf lnstagram hat er sich in seinen WhatsApp- und Facebook-Chat gehackt, ohne Ihr Telefon zu berühren. Der Rat ist eine eidesstattliche Erklärung und onesto

  2. AOC = All out crazy . She’s a fake and a radical giving a voice to all of the crazies . She selling this vision of herself as one for the people fighting for what’s right and taking it to Washington when the truth is in a few years she will be a multi multi millionaire and No One will question how she got there . I see right through her.

  3. The positive aura that AOC radiates is something else. She is smart, brave,kind,thoughtful and so much more. Im not even American but I would love to see her as the President someday.

  4. AOC sometimes does good thinhs & she’s passionate but OMG her penchant for drama & some of the things she says are incredibly stupid. Her district is collapsing under increased crime but I don’t see her as someone who’s for sale. I just wish that she would get some common sense.

  5. Just watched this for the first time. It moved me to tears in several places. Right now, we are in a fight for the survival of democracy, as we know it.

    People like these are the ones that just might save us. I was moved in a bunch of places in this documentary, but maybe the biggest impact is the the scene where AOC goes in and votes. That is what we are fighting for right now. The simple ability for one person to go and make their vote and have it count for something. Something else occurred to me as I watched this; "elections have consequences". Where would we be right now if somehow Paula Jean Swearingen had managed to defeat Joe Manchin and get elected as senator from WV?

    I also loved the fact that Cori Bush kept trying and won her election on the second try. All these candidates seemed like very strong and brave people and my hat is off to all of them, win or lose. I have to say though that in particular Cori Bush just radiates strength and Paula Jean had that also, but in a different way. As far as AOC goes, she just has "it" whatever "it" is. Call it charisma, leadership or just the ability to project her beliefs at the right moment. She is one of the most magnetic politicians I have seen in a long time. She just has that Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Teddy Roosevelt aura about her that makes her really stand out from the crowd. I would not be surprised to see her become the first woman president of this country. And wouldn't that be wonderful.

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