How to Tighten Skin, Lift & Firm Chin, Neck – Nebulyft Full Demo Over 50

How to Tighten Skin, Lift & Firm Chin, Neck – Nebulyft Full Demo Over 50 for more Makeup, Skincare & Style! FREE Beauty Newsletter …


  1. I was seriously tempted by this device however their gel has way too many allergens in it for me. All of these devices have their own gel which is recommended to be used with them to be effective. I have the Tripollar Stop and am trying that. The price tag on this also makes it less attractive. I appreciate the review though. And I always say the devices that work are the ones you are going to get out and use on a regular basis no matter what brand they are.

  2. I would love to see a video of your current skincare regimen including these devices. You have evolved your skincare since your beginning skin care video. Thanks!!

  3. How long does the treatment take every morning. I bought the nuface and the 20 minutes it takes seems to take so long that I hate doing it but I can’t afford all the gadgets.

  4. Great information…as always ❤️
    I am 58 and my neck is starting to lose it…to see your before & after pictures convinced me that I can still do something about it.
    Do you use all the devices you mentioned every day?
    Do you also purchase the lotions/gels they sell with the devices?
    When do you use the Aloe Vera (I saw it in the description box but didn’t hear you mention it).

  5. Thank you Kimberly. I was wondering if you have ever done a video on the décolletage mine is terrible and I don’t know where to start with my thin sundown edged wrinkly skin on my décolletage

  6. Hi Kimberly!! I have a few questions… First of all I was just wondering if there is really much of a difference between this device you're showing and the NuFace. I have been using the NuFace for about a year. Other than immediate very slight lifting there is not long term benefits that I see. I don't even feel anything when I'm using it. So does this new device bring better results for you?? I stopped using the NuFace for about a month though and my face seems a little saggier!?? My other question is this .. which is better, In your opinion for yielding better results. Microcurrancy or the Light therapy. Sorry, this was alot!!

  7. I'm a new subscriber and have really enjoyed watching your videos. I love your giggle so nice and refreshing that brings a smile to my face. I have learned a great deal from watching you. I appreciate you taking us on your journey and it's affordable and accessible to most everyone. I was wondering which device would you recommend getting first newa laser or the nebulyft?

  8. I bought this after watching your other video. I use it at night and really like the results so far! I am so glad I saw you using the aloe vera gel with it. Thank you for the recommendation!

  9. Hi Kimberly. Thank you for the demonstration. Two questions- 1. Does the Nebulyft beep to let you know when to move on to the next area? 2. Did you make up the spray yourself and if so how much of each item do you mix together? 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for another fabulous video! Your demonstrations are truly clear and easy to follow. LOVE the way you answer all the common questions and just tell it like it is yet so sweetly. Your smart, bubbly self makes it 100% enjoyable to watch, listen and learn. Thanks for being you & sharing all your various trials and successes. 🙂 Can't wait for the next one.

  11. I just purchased the MBK Curve & am loving it in a matter of just 2 weeks. Jeana of Art of Skin has a video on it, however she informed me that Aloe gel does not conduct the current & that distilled water does not have enough minerals in it to conduct the current. This device is stronger to my understanding but I just want you to know about the Aloe gel & the water that you're using.

  12. Hi Kimberley, thank you for your Nebulyft demo and feedback. After you mentioned it the first time, I treated myself to one and love it. It's too early to tell if it helps my saggy skin but I remain hopeful. THANK YOU for ALL your videos, I watch and love everyone of them👍

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