How to spot a pyramid scheme – Stacie Bosley

Learn the techniques and tricks that pyramid schemes use to recruit new members and how to avoid being fooled yourself. — In 2004, a nutrition company …


  1. i remember my friends catching the vemma "virus" MLMs were a pandemic and they had vanity plates on their promotional bmws for succeeful memebers spelt tolduso. so obnoxious.

  2. This reminds me of "The office"
    – It’s not a pyramid scheme, it is a… it’s not even a scheme per se, it’s… [Jim draws a triangle around Michael’s diagram] … I have to go make a call.

  3. I guess the reason why people thinks MLM is a ''scam'' or ''pyramid'' is because they don't realize that it's not about recruiting and recruiting people like crazy without purpose nor meaning. It's all about the PRODUCTS! Basic, everyday products consumption, which you will not find in any supermarket nor amazon, no matter where you go in the world you can't find the same quality, THAT is what makes the magic, it's simple math, all you have to do is recommend the products that are absolutely awesome and have a lot of science, money and resources invested into their development. It doesn't get more simple than this: Do you like Costco? Sam's club or just your regular local supermarket?? what products do you always buy?? which ones you can't live without? Would you go door to door selling them and telling your friends and family how much you love those products and why they should buy them too? Just to make Costco or your regular supermarket money while you get nothing? not even a thank you? No? I wouldn't!! XD XD, but what if Costco and sam's club etc told you, ''hey, we have this special program in which you can recommend those products you love and if somebody comes to our store and buys them you get one dollar, that's it! just one dollar for each product you recomended and was sold at our stores!!'' Would you recommend those products then?? I most definitely would. It's not my job, it't not my business but hey, I'm making a dollar for each product!! It doesn't hurt an extra dollar in my pocket, right? Same as it doesn't hurt one bit to talk about your experience with your products without having to get out there and knock on doors, harrasing strangers to tell them about how happy you are with those products or services. Now, MLM companies take this promoting method to a more systematic and better structured level. The people that you invite to join in have to consume their products in order for you to get a small commission (which once again, are the most basic products that you will purchase anyway somewhere else where you will not get any additional value, certainly earning way more than a dollar in the process, lol). Imagine you recommend these awesome products to many people and many people buys them, guess what? you get a small commission for each and everyone of those peoples you invite and are consuming excellent, top quality producs of all kinds!! On a monthly basis…………….is this clear enough????? You need more??? Let's say you always go to one particular movie theater, perhaps you like the customer service there, the popcorn is the best, the seats are the most confortable, it's super clean and neat, you love that place!! and imagine that cinema chain had also, like Costco in our ficticious scenario, a promoting program so you get 50 cents for just recommending the cinema to your friends and family, you and they get some membership card for free and they have to say your name or promoter id so they can say they are buying the movie ticket at their place and are there thanks to you so you can get your 50 cents commision, wouldn't that be amazing??? Now, lets take this a step further just a bit and say you not only are happy going to that cinema every weekend, you love it so much and so on but also want to make money so what do you do? You start making new friends, you expand your social circles, the time will come for you to also tell your new friends about this great movie theater that you enjoy so much and guess what? It turns out, A LOOOOT of people have heard of that place and were curious, also, a looooot of people likes to go to the movies, can you see where I am going with this?? lots and lots of potential to make extra 50 cents but it gets even more interesting 😀 :D, what if ''Cineplex'' (The ficticious cinema for this example), in addition to your 50 cent per new guest commision also gives you bonuses, say, 2 dollars for each 2 people in one same day that goes to see a movie at their cinema, voila!! you can make even more money!! The possibilities are unlimited!!……………, bottom line, any type of business can become MLM, would you say also that COSTO, SAM'S, Mc donalds, Starbucks, Google,…..Youtube (wait! YOUTUBE?? yes!! They have a lot of viewers right? the guy who owns it makes the most money!! And everybody who advertises here are the losers, the ''victims''. He's at the top of the ''pyramid'' XD) are also pyramids?? no, right?, it all takes a little creativity. USANA, AMWAY, JEUNESSE, HERBALIFE, you name it! are NOT a scam. Period. They have had their bad moments, scandals perhaps but are not scams. Not only are they growing, in the middle of pandemic and all while many previously mentioned, REAL companies's franchise stores had to close for good. MLM businesses not only thrives but also keep growing EXPONENTIALLY while many regular businesses are going bankrupt. So, who are you going to believe? the naysayers, even though they are the majority? (but also the majority of mediocre, broke and sad people are those 95% of the world's population to begin with so no surprises there) or the actual and real sales figures and upward trend statitistics? I don't know what you call that but to me that is a great business opportunity, unless you have millions of dollars to open your OWN Costco or mc donalds store, or are brilliant and rich enought to sell the MLM idea to your local supermarket or cinema according to my own examples, go for it! It's a free country and good luck! I'll stick to my MLM company thanky you very much 😉

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