How to Get Rid of Dandelions and Other Weeds using Scotts® Turf Builder Weed & Feed

Removing weeds from your lawn can be frustrating. They have deep roots that are difficult to kill and regrow easily. To the rescue: Scotts® Turf Builder® Weed …


  1. Is there a certain time to use this? Cooler weather, hot like 110 degree weather? I live in AZ but I have some weeds coming out now and don't want them to get control of the grass. Thank you!

  2. How many times max per year/season can I combine both Scott’s weed/feed and weed/feed plus winter guard if applied separately during late spring/summer & fall/late fall since I see that weed&feed can only be applied twice per year on Scott’s website? Note: Weed & feed plus winter guard does not have the max 2 times per year on Scott’s website unlike only Weed & feed.

  3. Hi Scotts team, do I have to water the lawn 24 hours after application? I know we have to water before application but not sure about after application.

  4. It's not effective on clover, and few other weeds, it usually works, did Scotts water their fertilizer down? I wasted $25.00 and my time, energy and taking time to pick it up, put it in spreader etc. and I am 66 yrs old. Generic works better, I found from my past experience. I am to old to experiment with a Scotts product (yes I used as directed) or waste my money in middle of COVID pandemic. I am pulling clover and weeds out by hand and I can retire on my clover and weed pulling job. Ridiculous

  5. How long does it take to start and finish working roughly? I did it yesterday after watering the grass and it’s gonna be dry for about a week. Washington state

  6. I read the list of weeds below it eliminates. I didn't see creeping charlie on this list. I went and looked up what weed killers eliminate creeping charlie and your product comes up, but not listed below. Does it kill creeping charlie?

  7. It rained overnight. I spot treated the large dandelions with scotts weed killer (safe for lawn) and then covered the entire yard in this. Will I be okay? Or should I start watering after a few days to prevent burn? This is in Montana

  8. Hi Scott. It's not effective on clover. Amen. Yes, no rain for 24 hours, temps between 65-80°F. For the rest of the lawn it does well. Not to worry, I have an Ortho spray that I'll follow up with, or just use vinegar and dish soap. I like the smaller granular of Scott's. My grass is richer green than this video. PatchMaster – horrible product, you know it, I know it. Back to the lab on this one. Divets (bare spots) are best filled with established grass as plugs. Also I might want to see a Scott's product that contains grub control, ie weed killer with "grubex". I haven't gotten to focus on grubs yet, that's why I'd it already was included, my life would be grandeous. Yeah, I'm not calling or linking up. Just giving an authentic unbiased opinion. I'm neither happy or sad about the results. So again, it does everything I expected, except doesn't kills clover.

  9. …….(cont) So now, after spending $180 on 4 bags of weed and feed, I'm told the only way to stop the corn speedwell from spreading more is to spend MORE money on this particular weed by buying a weed killer with specific ingredients to kill the stuff and spending more money on a fast growing grass seed to try and choke out the invasive weed. Next year I think I'll just put up with the dandelions. It's a lot cheaper in the long run.

  10. I've got about 3/4 acre of grass that I maintain around my home. I used 4 bags of Scott's Weed and Feed turf builder around 3 weeks ago to get rid of dandelions and it did a fine job. But now I've got an invasive species called corn speedwell spreading through my entire lawn like wildfire. I've never had this stuff in my lawn and none of my neighbors have a problem with it either. I hate to attribute this infestation on something being in the fertilizer. I have 4 different quadrants to my lawn and all four areas have been taken over by this speedwell. Has anyone else experienced this?…….(cont)

  11. Good morning I already applied the thickr lawn 3 in 1 around a week ago but the only outcome were weeds how long do I have to wait for apply this product

  12. This shit should be banned. You know full well that dicamba is volatile in the sun and drifts from property to property yet you still use it in weed n feed products and turf builder making it virtually impossible for me to receive compensation as I can't prove WHICH one of these people's yards I am getting poisoned from without just going rooting around my neighbors yards to see which one smells like fucking chemicals and then somehow proving that the dicamba drifted over when I smell the chlorine every day coming off their lawn. FUCK YOU

  13. Fuck you because you're the reason I have to actually be an asshole to my neighbors and explain to them that they're poisoning my FARMLAND that happens to be adjacent to a snobby ass rich neighborhood because they don't know how to properly apply herbicides or pesticides and so weed and feed ends up on MY property poisoning MY crops collectively poisoning my fucking operation. FUCK YOU FOR MAKING ME LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE PEOPLE ARE SO BLIND AS TO THINK I"M THE CRAZY ONE FOR NOT WANTING TO POISON THE NATURAL BIOLOGY OF OUR GREAT STATE OF TEXAS

  14. My dollargrass is now healthier than ever! I used this product recently for Floratam, I followed the instructions to a T. While I’ve always been a fan of y’all’s weed and feed because of its greening effect I am so disappointed at the outcome with the dollar grass. I used a competitor package last year and on that package was instructed to start with a wet lawn… it was such a clean kill my brother was going on about it. I decided this year that I would go for the best, as the product from last year didn’t help green up too much. What gives?!? 🤷🏼‍♂️ I am in lawn maintenance and I’m not talking about some hole in the wall company. I’m not saying I’m some big bad lawn maintenance guy, but I do know my stuff. What’s going on with Scotts in South Florida? Should I just use it for its ability to green up the lawn and use round up‘s new chemical in a pump sprayer? We do have a pest control division with lawn spray, but I prefer to do these things myself since it’s my job to tell customers what they need to be doing. Our lawns are always beautiful do you have any tips for making your product more effective

  15. Used this at the end of April, and it got the dandelions out in about 3 weeks. Only problem is that I now have some prickly-looking weeds coming in with pink/purple flowers growing from them, and a lot of cloves (which I could deal with).

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