How Lawn Mower Blades Cut Grass (at 50,000 FRAMES PER SECOND) – Smarter Every Day 196

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  1. I wondered what that 'tab' on a blade was for. I have a riding mower and a self-propelled mower. On the push mower I have changed the blade to a mulching blade and that's when I noticed the 'tab'.
    I really don't like yard work and it's hard on my body. I'm a 67 year old woman and my yard is huge. I don't mind using the riding mower but it of course can't get into the smaller areas so I have to use my push mower. I also have to trim hedges and remove weeds.
    I learned the other day that I have been cutting my grass too short. I also learned that I should never mow wet grass. My riding mower went in for service plus the blade belt broke after only having this mower for two years. When the guy came to pick it up he asked me which number on the deck I was using and I said, "two". He told me to mow at three or higher. Higher? Wow.
    My back yard is like a golf course with ups and downs. I am constantly lowering and raising the deck as I mow. It's so difficult to mow. The front yard on one side has bermuda grass I think and the other side has zoysia grass. I have no idea who planted this but the zoysia is nothing but a pain to mow.

    Also, using a weed eater is a pain too because the string keeps breaking. If I could afford a lawn service I would hire someone.

  2. That's why in honey I shrunk the kids during the lawn mower scene they get sucked up and thrown out of the mower! This video brought back some nostalgic feelings, and I learned something new.

  3. The grass cutting principle of the robotic mowers, just now becoming popular, is different from that of the lawn mowers in this video. Why not do a 'slo mo' explanation of their physics?

  4. Great video , always wanted to know what the term lift blade meant and how it worked, thanks to your video now I know, so here's my question ! are dandelions smarter then grass, they seem to lie down when ran over by the mower and the blade passes over them, they stay down and by the next day they rise back up,,, do you think they tell each other that the lawn mower is coming and to stay down ? I have to use weed be gone on them,,, there just to smart for the lawn mower !!!

  5. Lawnmower blades used to be completely flat and did a good job cutting the grass. I think the addition of the tab on the back side of the blade was to add turbulence and dynamic air movement so the grass clippings would get whacked several times before being discharged out from under the deck. They were called "mulching" blades when they first appeared on the market, as I remember.

  6. Have you ever seen a Hover Lawn Mower? I think they came around some Where in the 60's. The lawnmower basically hovered over the grass, like floated over the grass & cut the grass @ the same time. Super maneuverable when it's running.

  7. I do have a mover that works like a hair buzzer, also a modernized push style mower and one that uses cables like a weedwaker. This video has got me thinking of a mover that has blades going in opposing directions.

  8. Maybe you can talk a little bit on lawnmower blades. Can you show us what grass blades are supposed to look like when cut with a properly sharpened blade and vice versa?

  9. You might want to look from the development of the tooling. They used scythes and where the big swing of it was not feasible sickles. The scythe is purely cutting be inertia of the grass (or what ever). If the grass is wet or too long such that it is bent, the attacking angle of the blade is suboptimal, preventing easy cutting or even cutting at all. If you use a sickle, you need to grab the top of the good to get cut, so the attack angle of the blade is proper and also rising the inertia of the good to cut (the movement of the sickle's blade is too slow the little inertia of the usual cutting good). The mower is an automated combination of the two, but only affecting the attack angle significantly (at least in my opinion). I do not believe the air flow is that strong, that the inertia of the grass is augmented more than a tiny touch.

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