1. Tired the end I saw a few trees around a bit of a pond in a low spot, lol, almost never see trees in your videos:) The geography of Montana is so foreign to me, living in Maine, aka "The Pine Tree State" I'm so used to seeing massive forests and even though there's some big fields in the northern part of the state there's always trees too

  2. Anyone else wonder which YouTube farmer,will be the first with a permanent docking station for drones, mounted to the roof of their tractors? Will it be Brian,Tony, Nick,Ron,Zach,Claudia, Andrew or Cole?😬😬🤣🤣

  3. We put hydraulic oil coolers in front of our fans. They help to dry the air and eliminate our caking issues in high humidity or when we have poor quality fert. Also cool hyd. oil

  4. Enjoyed the video. I wasn't aware Montana got humid. Went to college in Moscow Idaho. Just before you mentioned the Palouse country your field reminded me of that area. Side hill combines work great until you have a hydraulic leak.

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