Gina Carla TV 🧠💧How #CBD Can Help Us! My Experiences And Benefits!

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  1. I love how this was sponsored but full with such an amazing amount of information and education – didnt just sound prejudiced, seems like a product she loves and has researched and used well before promoting xxx

  2. I would like to here your heart beat at the same time you are giving this video please do more heart beat videos please Gina I love listening to your heart beat. I listen to your heart beat daily t is so enjoyable and relaxing so please make more heart beat videos please.

  3. Does it help with pain? (I should probably watch the whole video…) All I know is that doctors are being really stupid about pain medicine lately which sucks for people who are in legitimate pain and use pain medicine responsibly. They automatically assume it will be used for the wrong reasons. Anyway… some doctors make me want to avoid healthcare all together because they can be so stupid sometimes.

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