Ficus Bonsai Care and Pruning

In this video I talk about the Ficus Retusa. Growing indoor bonsai has become very popular and for some people bonsai is just about indoor trees. One of most …


  1. Lovely guidance! I have a ficus bonsai that is damaged at the top so it never grows in hight only side branches are growing. Is there anything I can do to make the top grow as well? Please?

  2. I heard in Costa Rica that "strangler fig" is misleading – ficus grows all around another trunk but apparently they do not actually strangle or shorten the lifespan of the "host" tree, but the ficus simply outlives the host which eventually dies and leaves a hollow ficus.

  3. I have a Ficus Bonsai but didn't took care of it and kow it has grown out of control. It has some branches of more than 1 meter long… Oops how best correct it? Any Tips? 🙂

  4. Hello, i enjoyed watching the video, very informative. I have a question, I bought a Ginseng Figus from Lowe's. it was in a brokn pot so i got a half price off. When i came home I realized that it had no roots. It was infested by gnats. I threw away the soil it was in. Plant looks really healthy but has no roots. so, I have it sitting in a wter until I find some more information on how to keep it alive or what next step to take. Please let me know if anyone knows what to do. Thank you so much!

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