EVOLAB vape cartridge review

This is a cannabis vape cartridge review of EVOLAB And their Co2 extracted distillate yup this company Has put their medication in GIO pods and in a cartridges …


  1. The packaging on the evolab g pen carts is literally fucking retarded! I'm sure the carts take a lot of unnecessary damage in those big ass plastic tubes with no bubble wrap or anything to keep the cart secure.

  2. Man you gotta try Liquid Gold from Nirvana dispensary I bought half g of Strawberry cheesecake and it was spot on the flavor and it got me roasty toasty. I bought a full g this time same liquid gold but pink champagne was the new flavor I tried and its bomb af player

  3. Hey! Great review as always. The Evolab Alchemy 510 cartridges are made with full spectrum cannabis oil. I hope you can try one, they’re really good! I also love how the box has all the important stuff listed on it.

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