1. Eliminating nightshades
    If you’re healthy and don’t have adverse reactions to nightshades, there’s no compelling reason to avoid them.

    They’re rich in nutrients and offer several potential health benefits.

    On the other hand, if you have an autoimmune condition like IBD or think you may be sensitive to nightshades, you might want to consider removing them from your diet to evaluate changes in symptoms.

  2. What's bad in chia seeds,pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds to consume.please clarify, one more doubt if potatoes are not good than how sweet potato are ok to have?

  3. I live in Cyprus and I found it impossible to find entirely grass fed chickens. They also give them organic feed consisting of wheat, barley and bran. Also they grow wheatgrass which is also fed to the chickens in addition to the greens and herbs the chickens find 9n the farm.
    Is is acceptable?

  4. Hmm, i sort of experience the opposite (n=1). Unions and those sorts of veggies make my stomach super bloated and i feel quite sick. Tomato on the other hand is my preferred food to break my fast. Also yoghurt I find great for my digestion… 😅But perhaps my sensitivities are different 🤔

  5. Every one's body is different, people! Some people have intolerances, this diet may help those with intolerances. There are no bad food items, just nutrientionally, stripped, some people have intolerances to certain chemicals and not other chemicals in food. Some people can tolerate certain food items and many others have intolerances. Some food has less nutrients and some food has more nutrients.

  6. Dear Dr Gundry,
    I have had R A for 43 years. My hands are nearly destroyed & I'm on Arava & Prednisone. One very puzzling thing is I developed Essential Thrombocytosis in 2009 and my platelets skyrocket to 2,000,000! I have to take Hydrea all the time. I don't understand bone marrow disorders. Can I cure it by eating the Plant Paradox Diet? I will try it for the Rheumatoid Arthritis but what about the other thing? Would you want to see me in person?

  7. 😂Everyone on you tube got the secret to lose weight and be healthy .I’ve seen people eat beans ,potatoes,rice ,tomatoes and fruit and live long healthy lives into there 90s.I’ve also seen people eat meats ,oils and everything under the sun and live into there 90s..What I do know is that they are active and they eat in moderation.What ever you do you only got some many years of life so enjoy them while you can✌️

  8. Thank you very much for this informative video Dr. Gundry. There are so many confusing videos out there when it comes to foods that are healthy for you. I've been suffering from leaky gut syndrome and I'm trying to repair it. When it comes to grains being bad for your gut, would quinoa and gluten-free oats fall under the category of gains or seeds?

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