Does CBD Oil Work For Gout? | Ep.08 – Hemp Nerd Podcast 🌿 🍀

Gout is a form of arthritis brought on by the buildup of uric acid crystals in your joints. The formation of uric acid crystals in and around your joints causes …


  1. it does help, but its just delaying the gout flare, cause its fighting the inflamation in the joints. it doesnt heal the source of the problem. but!!! delayed is still good, cause u have time to figure it all out without any pain. so CBD a big helper, but not the solution

  2. Thank you for the information been dealing with gout for 8 years its horrible its made my bones brittle. At the moment i have changed my lifestyle more fruits,less red meat,more water,but also in need of chiropractic adjustment my bones are disaligned knees & ankles are always swollen to the point i walk with a noticeable limp. I have been taking (allopurinol & indomethacin )i cut the first one it just made things worse but im cutting all prescriptions. So now im testing cannabis oil, i took blood test and (my vitamin D) was really low like 10% in my body so i do take 50,000 units one pill a week its natural that hasnt affected me and has improved my strength. Its the damn infflamation that just keeps burning my joints,i recommend vitamin D for everyone even if u dont have Gout.

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