Davos 2019 – The New Science of Psychedelics

A conversation with psychologist and neuroscientist Robin Carhart-Harris on his work to explore the untapped potential of psychedelic drugs to provide effective …


  1. For me, with mostly sativa weed, it seemed that time and distance were in a box. I could see them as separate entities. I guess that's what they call 'dissociation'.

  2. While I appreciate his cautiousness he takes it too far. For example, saying "anti-authoritarianism" is a dangerous side-effect only slows down our progress.

  3. 4:15 bullshit alert. They are for sure party drugs just as much as they can be used for psychic plasticity and personal development and growth (depending on the setting and mood). Even bad trips has profound meaning for the user.

  4. Out of the 1500 5meo trials an obgyn did one person didn’t take it well (freaked out basically). 0.067%. There are clear guidelines. You need someone to trip sit you. If you take a powerful sibstance like dmt you shouldn’t be drunk or alone.

  5. I recommend Einaudi Ludovici for Psylosibin Mushrooms/Truffles experience by yourself. 🙏.His music speaks to the soul, it has a smooth rhythm and tune. Very much in line with your kundalini energy. Namaste 🙏

  6. a lot of people are harmed by 'treatment' not doing well is a gross understatement prevalence is rockerting for many reasons – mental illness is a marketable idea with multibillions in profits maintaining this sickness with massive over diagnosis so 'mental illness' screenings that might take it account elements of life context but all of this is reduced down to a 'trigger' for some made up 'mental illness' the life contexts, causes and history is just left – same with most talk therapy – we're living in sick times and this will simply exacerbate the sickness by once again obfuscating suffering behind 'disorders' and 'treatment' all internalised all ignoring life context

  7. psychiatry should not be in control of these tools this pseudoscience has cause enough harm in the world – we are moving ever closer to Huxley's Brave new world's Soma – human being suffer because of what has happened to them and what is happening to them to talk of 'treating' internalised 'disorders' leaves the causes of our distress as ever out of the picture and unless and until we create environments that are healthful we will continue to suffer but will just be more accepting of this suffering – just like the drugs marketed as 'antidepressants' already do numbing, suppressing, sedating, labedo crushing drugs to keep people keeping on with the drudge

  8. Would love to know what music they use or if anyone can recommend anything., Greg Haines 183 times is great but only lasts about ten minutes ) cheers

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