Dandelions Wild Edibles – Best Plant for Lawn and Gardens

See why dandelions are one of the best wild edibles and why they are awesome for your lawns and gardens. Learn about their prospective alleged medicinal …


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  2. Well Greg, i never thought of you as a garden gnome, however… thinking it's your homestead? Great photo! Thanks for all your wonderful info- i will try dandelions and more wild edibles~ loved the ACK ACK reference oxooo

  3. Greg, your dandelion video brought back happy memories with my grandparents. We lived 2 hours away, so I had to wait for a long weekend for my mother to drive us there. Grandma & Grandpa were Pennsylvania Dutch and lived in a little village founded by my great grandpa, just outside of Allentown. Grandpa apparently made dandelion wine, because I heard the story about how my mother had invited a friend (who later became my aunt) into the basement, and they drank the last of Grandpa's wine. He was NOT happy! Grandma would make dandelion salad with hard boiled eggs and hot bacon dressing…Delicious! I loved visiting them both and will be Very Excited to see them in the Resurrection. Thank you for sharing the benefits of this undervalued plant πŸ™‚

  4. I just made tea today from dandelion "heads", fresh mint and honey…steeped it in boiled water 30 min…delicious!!! Made extra for my friend with colon issues πŸ‘πŸ‘β€πŸŒ²πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  5. Hi Greg. Here in NE TN our dandelions have 2" flowers and our wild lettuce grows 16 to 18' tall. The stalks are so tough we use them for chicken roosts. I wish YouTube would allow pics in comments.

  6. I recognize that gnome(Greg Allison)πŸ₯° and the homestead is in California.(?)
    Have a blessed Memorial Day and thank you for serving God and Country!!

  7. My spidetwart is a different color this year. It is a dark purple. They plant this around nuclear reactors , if they leak these turn white. They have turned the opposite. Nothing else is different here. Thinking Ray's from space.

  8. Dandelion salad, was also very popular during the depression era. There's a depression era cook on youtube, who shows you how it was used then, sometimes 2 times a day. I wonder if that's why so many of the people of that era, lived to be in their 90's.

  9. I highly recommend dandelion leaves with vegemite, tomatoes, and pepper on toast. Go easy on the vegemite though, still pretty good without it but substitute a bit of saltπŸ€“. The bitterness is one of the things that makes them good for you. Love ya Greg 🌼

  10. My Aunt told me when I was very young to pick new, young dandelion leaves the very first thing in the morning before the dew is gone and they won't be bitter. πŸ™‚ Great for salads or fresh greens. Thanks Greg.

  11. My father gathered Dandelion leaves every Spring, and we ate them ( usually fried with bacon) in our table salad. When I see the first Dandelion flowers I recite:” A Seed is a Star, and a Star is a Seed…β€πŸŒž

  12. in early morning collect the flower heads about 2 gallons . Take home take all the green parts out then adf clean flowers to water cook for 15 min low boil . Let cool add 5 gallons of 🍯 and yeasts let sit in burping jug in cool dark till next spring mmmm tasty heaven's brew straight from Ireland πŸ‘πŸ»

  13. Not only I find this video amazing the shared knowledge in this chat makes this very special thank you.
    I find your knowledge invaluable all of you thank you guys πŸ’―

  14. I don't understand why everyone is in such a hurry to kill them. Great food and medicine (according to herbalist people). I would not be surprised if most Americans are "Roundup-ready" if a comprehensive blood test was done.

  15. My neighbors probably hate me. I don’t spray my yard. I go out and pick the good stuff (dandelion etc) and eat it. I will have plenty of food if the grid goes down! I want to find more people like myself when the crap hits the fan. I live in south Tennessee.

  16. The root is the best, I have the strength of Lion and the energy to fight a long time. Romans made the soldiers eat the root on the way to battle. So much to tell you about just eat about a inch or two of the fresh root a day and watch the weight go away. Much Love

  17. Please share widely in your social media. Many of you tell me you especially love my wild edible videos. I like doing them as they have vital information. Unfortunately they tend to significantly under-perform.

  18. I collected a few liters of flowers ..3-4 weeks ago when they were abundant in the green space beside our house…indeed there were soooo many. I Removed all the green and put the flowers in freezer till Im ready to make some wine. I have my 1 gallon jug and bubbler, my champagne yeast and cane sugar , will also add juice from 2 oranges and a few lemons…we shall see.

  19. GREEN GREG'S GARDEN AND BIG RED WORM FARM!!! Piers Anthony wrote a book called (battle circle). Its about the formation of tribes after SHTF!! great book..have you read this greg? If not…u might like it…or it may be to much 4 u…lmk god bless u my friend. T u 4all u do

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