COVID Autopsy Findings – What Doctors Are Learning From Autopsy Findings of COVID Patients

COVID Autopsy Findings – What Doctors Are Learning From Autopsy Findings of COVID Patients Once the COVID is deeply embedded in the body, it begins to …


  1. So I have a question Doctor. What if somebody had covid and now they're negative. I noticed a lot of changes in my sister like her personality you're thinking just lethargic kind of.

  2. 'The disease is first of its kind in the history of mankind….'
    God has given life to man….man took it for granted without gratitude….god released disease….and now man is screwed……

  3. What is the purpose of this video?… because it seems like it has an ulterior motive. I would like to know who is funding this video and what is the hidden agenda.

  4. Google: Might COVID injections reduce lifespan. It is the MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU WILL EVER SEE!!! It explains what the jab does and what you can do to save your life.

  5. ok I'll be the one to say it Arrest Fauci and Arrest Bill Gates
    Why do people want to ignore the fact of gain of function funding at w u Han lab….
    and holding patents on virus's and vaccine's…..
    culling of population with jabs because of belief that that the earth can't sustain 7.4 billion humans…and beliefs that cows are destroying the environment…and on and on research people

  6. So how many people had to die to get this information from a virus created by men ? and we still don't have a solid solution to combat something created by men all though we know natural immunity is the best way to go.. there's nothing that man can produce that is 100% effective unless death comes with it..

  7. Nurse here. At my hospital we constantly wondered at this virus. 90 y man with heart issues would walk out without complications. Then 30 y man paralyzed neck down. My entire hospital caught it, all within 6 weeks. Several nurses had minor symptoms. All staff survived but the daily and sometimes hourly codes were extremely difficult. Terrible virus…

  8. Good morning from mikey from Pasadena I work for the city of Los Angeles first had a three heart attacks on the job then because of colvid no cardio rehab program then went back to work with low energy then my supervisor comes to work and gives all of us colvid I work a week with stomach issues runny nose and no smell plus have to use the restrooms every ten to 15 minutes they approve workman's comp then they stop it now im still off work had to go back to hospital blockage in my stomach then almost bled out anyway need your help I told my doctors I have no energy left leg a left side of my brain is always hurting plus all my joints are in Sirous plain please help me figure out how to get better please

  9. The health of the immune system IS THE UNDERLYING factor responsible for any reaction/ severity of any illness, shock, injury.. All skin ailments accompany and warn of a greater challenge to the immune system. Skin acts as the 'message board'. Swelling is a common symptom of Pemphigus foliaceous, Swelling will leave residual effects, gradually enlarging veins of bundled nerves. These bundles are the problem, impeding circulation. Our immune system will send signals, present on the skin, as warnings of a danger to the immune system. Signs of previous extreme stress to the body may be freckles, moles, blisters, hives, rashes, acne, odd bumps, etc. However, swelling leaves invisible damage that is accumulative and life diminishing, and is the cause of early death, and suicide. Information regarding overall health is conveyed by moods, vibe, state of mind, and emotional availability towards family. Essential self-care daily includes: Planing hands, wrists, feet , ankles, knees, elbows, and massage/ acupressure will help reverse the effects of Pemphigus foliaceous- PF-The Human Condition.. Inform yourself of the common triggers of Pemphigus Foliaceous.All skin ailments are auto-immune disorders, all are PF. PF is the monitor/alarm for the fluctuating health of the immune system. Stay safe.

  10. Wowww this 2,000 year old book was right all along. Who would of thought this Pestilence would actually come out now… Oh yeah.. that same book said it was coming…

  11. A year later and we have learned that the virus print points to laboratory
    That’s why this virus behaves as it does It was created to do exactly what it is doing
    The evidence is out there Testimony was given in Congress Scientists in the field have spoken to the truth of the origins of the virus
    They also testify to the fact that others won’t speak up because they are afraid
    Science should not be political
    Unfortunately politics and money have invaded our science community as well
    We need to address the many people suffering long term Covid issues as well as those who suffer the same due to the vaccine and are severely debilitated
    We need to recognize the origins – man made as well as hear the voices of those who have been injured due to the vaccine
    One of the scientists speaking said the virus cannot make itself stronger By looking at the makeup of it as it was created , it will diminish in strength
    It’s worth checking out
    A real scientist would consider even investigate the evidence unless they have acquiesced
    It’s my hope for mankind that they would do the right thing

  12. I'm positive covid rn and here I am looking at the autopsy results of covid patients. I'm thinking, which of my organ covid attack rn and what it gonna look like. Hope I will get better soon

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