Common Cannabis Nutrient Deficiencies

Common Cannabis Nutrient Deficiencies -Mobile vs Immobile Nutrients Mobile- Can be translocated from older growth to newer tissue which means the …


  1. Very straight forward and detailed information. No loud, annoying music. No life story about why he's the best at everything he does. Didn't stray off on some other topic. Best information I've seen on deficiencies so far. And I subscribed simply because he didn't beg me too.
    Keep up the great videos !

  2. Many strains carry the pure gene so no your strains this is helpful also in your fertz program I carry one strain thats variegated the variegation is in the genes of the strain thank you Dr debacco for the great info very informative and precise

  3. Thanks for all the amazing content. Just one thing. Can you please make a playlist with all your nutrients deficiency and toxicity videos all together. It's a bit hard to find them all, because you make so many videos.😊🤘 They are really good and straightforward. Keep up the good work 👍❤️

  4. 🌴 Question 🌴
    Why would I get white mold on leaves ??
    Spotting on my new strain ( indica )
    Smells like a mold , and keeps happening.
    I cleaned , I flushed and rebuild everything,but..

  5. Hi,

    I need help please.

    I saw few of your videos in YouTube and it really inspired me to start growing.

    But however I am having a bit a trouble with one of my plant.

    Please let me know if I can share few images of the planet here and seek for some advice from you.

  6. What about if my plants are green but not growing fat leaves but super skinny smaller leaves. I’m aware the difference in indica and sativa leaves but these are thinner and just look overall unhealthy. I water 2qts in 7gal every other day. My ph is a little low due to pushing nftg while using ro water. Could lo ph 5.8ish cause lack of amino acids or nitrogen that help build healthy leaves?

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