Chongqing City CBD (Jiefangbei) China Walking Tour / 重庆市解放碑中央商务区徒步旅行

Chongqing City CBD (Jiefangbei) China Walking Tour is a video recording of my walk with no talking. ‍♂️ Walking the famous Chongqing Raffles City …


  1. Funny thing is my parents own the big mall with gucci, its called golden eagle centre and my parents are the boss of it and so as 7 other malls in chong qing

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  3. 终于知道为什么中国人说话声音大,面积如此大,人口如此多而密集,讲话声音小了能听见吗😂,喜欢安静的建议去冰岛或欧洲那些人口少的地方,反正我是喜欢热闹的国家🤗

  4. Hi there, we are from Spotlite Trans 7, Indonesia. We would like to ask for permission to use ur youtube videos for our show. This will be shown on this Sunday, February 2, 2020. We will put credit title for ur channel and footage.

  5. Beautiful, clean, organized, well dressed, highly developed society. Never imagined China like this. But after seeing all this countless walkthrough videos on YouTube from yours as well as other YouTubers I can confirm that. India is out of comparison right now and it is going to remain out for considerable future. Thank you for creating these awesome videos for the fans.

  6. Welcome back Discoverers! 😄 If you are new here, please be sure to hit the subscribe button. My name is Alan and I am the content creator for Discovery Walking Tours TV, where I take you on atmospheric walks around my home country, Singapore, and on occasion, the rest of Asia.

    If you find something interesting in the video, comment below with a timestamp (eg 00:01) for fellow viewers and myself to take a closer look.

    If you are keen to see more of China, check out my playlist below:

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