#BREAKING: Parliament in the ACT have just legalised cannabis for personal use

BREAKING: Parliament in the ACT have just voted to legalise personal cannabis use, the first Australian jurisdiction to do so. Should NSW now do the same?


  1. Dutton says that this is very worrying, I think it's very worrying that Qld Police are involved in the drug trade? This step will allow people that understand the value cannabis has, rather than the alcohol fuelled hate that we see. Then of course we have the Ice that makes peoples minds scatter. I think it is very worrying that we live in a democracy where our leader believes in a fake god, that is a big problem. Just like child sex offenses in the past, just sweep it under the carpet. I wait to see how many of these capitalists will have money in this business once it gets up and going. One thing we don't have in our democracy any more is true liberal thinking, when the people work out what is good, rather than a bunch of fear mungers that want to tell everyone else what's good, just like vaping, it was never meant for children. I think we are going to see the ugly face of Peter Dutton in trying to tell everyone what to do? If it is so bad, why are our police protecting and profiting from the trade? It takes you back to Money, Oil and Power that has been the mainstream since WW11. Was the war about freedom or was it put in place so that America sat back and collected it all at the end? If people really understood the evil scheming that some people use to gain power. Too say that people from elitist schools are advised they are "better than" everybody else is an understatement!!! If you really think our Federal Pollies are looking out for you, have a look at how much money Canada has put back into the peoples hands, rather than "new toys" for so-called law enforcement? Even my long lost Grandmother could see the hypocrisy, these modern politicians are trying to hold onto a power that was not given to them on fair grounds, yet they call people criminals. The farmers that were growing hemp were not told that the crop they grew was going to be illegal as they weren't told that cannabis and hemp is basically the same plant. Imagine being lied to by your government when your livelihood is at stake. I don't see it any different than today saying that red meat causes cancer, let's ban read meat? Like we haven't heard that before. I wonder what Dutton would say if he found out that cannabis oil can reduce balding, he'd still cut off his nose to spite his face?

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