Bert Kreischer: Hey Big Boy | Official Trailer | Netflix

Everyone’s favorite stand-up party animal is back, and he’s wilder than ever. Watch Bert riff on his marriage life, parenting struggles, and… hardcore porn.


  1. Been listening/watching every episode of the bill Bert pod cast n this is the first time I have seen this fella stand-up,had me laughing so hard I think the neighbours will be calling the authorities saying,"I'm sure there is two chimpanzees shagging next door"😂

  2. One of the most uncomfortable things I've ever watched was this special. It almost seemed he was a new comedian trying to learn how to write jokes.

    It really frustrates me too because I like his podcast appearances and I wanted to watch the whole thing and support him.

  3. Just watched this special and it was GARBAGE. Embarrassingly bad. Bert needs to wait 5 years to generate new material.

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