Adam Loses His Mind Combining DMT with Nitrous | TRIP STORY

We do not recommend anyone combines 1 canister of laughing gas with DMT— let alone over 10!!! However, it does make for one heck of a harm reduction …


  1. It feels really good to be your honest self. It really does. I choose honesty over money. I'm not playing this stupid game anymore. Fold up the board, and put the pieces away. I'm out.

  2. I die in my sleep every night and feel like im being ripped from my body every night. There is always a weird creature trying to take my soul it feels real but it's just a dream

  3. I feel like everyone talking about if he’s ok, and I’m sure there definitely is more than we see online, but that goes for a lot of people we all have issues the behaviour he’s showing in this vid he just looks kinda hyper😂 I don’t want to assume, but it kinda reminded me of when you get to much energy when you have adhd

  4. Bro just seen your old videos . That bottle pipe you was using is no good for dmt . U will feel it loads stronger if you dab it or vape threw a free base vape

  5. during physical death conciousness exits from the bodies physical senses and starts to become aware of the senses of the astral body which exists in another dimension the dead can actually hear and see us and they also see other entities in the astral

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