A top secret cannabis farm in NSW involved with new federal funding

A top secret cannabis farm in NSW is about to become the centre of a brand new industry. 7NEWS Sydney has been given an exclusive look inside at the plants …


  1. I wouldn't trust it, allow people to grown their own medicine in their own backyard, naturally, organically.
    No one wants potential GMO weed. No one knows what chemicals were used or sprayed on the plant, no one knows what's in the soil ect… People are more intelligent than that these days.

  2. that about sums it up "Create the Mcdonalds of medicinal cannabis" so they are aiming to create overpriced shit that is not good for you mass produced for the masses. why is it when we do something in this country it develops into a huge scam with all sorts of people lining their pockets and we end up with crap, NBN a prime example Now medicinal cannabis.

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