A Man Drank 1 Can of Energy Drink Per Hour, Here's What Happened 7 Hours Later

Are energy drinks bad for you? How do these mysterious canned beverages give you that huge pick-me-up when all your body wants to do is sleep? Despite …


  1. I had an experience with this drink….. back 15 years ago….
    I was working as an engineer in a construction site ,so walking around ,checking ,monitoring ,was my routine work……tired I took a break ,I drank that energizing drink….feel fit again…..at first it was only once a day…….next week ,1 is not enough ,I need 2….. following week ,I need 4 a day , otherwise I feel weak and exhausted ,even when I am doing nothing ……4 bottles a day ,then becomes useless ….. Luckily I am aware ,and try to stop this addiction ,with great effort ……
    Now I am free of that hazardous drink……

  2. I stopped drinking energy drinks:
    I use to work retail and worked Black Friday 14 hr shifts. I was be in at 4am and by 7am i had dropped probabky 6-7 Rockstars. That made me stop drinking them once i got out of retail

  3. There's no such thing as a magic free ticket in chemistry. Any instant effect, like a sudden burst of energy, has a cost.

    Caffeine works by kick-starting an adrenaline rush in your body. This in turn causes a depletion of the chemicals in your endocrine system. That's why you feel the crash later. Long-term, this can lead to adrenal fatigue, where your body can no longer create the chemicals to feel energized — and not even caffeine will help.

    Aside from that, the "sudden enery and focus" you think you're having is more like a fight or flight reaction. Adrenaline rush, right? So you're essentially inducing the feeling that you're being chased by a tiger. That's not exactly heightened focus; that's intense fear. And this is the primary wave that coffee-adicted Americans, at least, operate on every day.

  4. I've seen people sent to ER after taking 5 cans of redbulls while preparing for SAT. Not saying it's bad (especially when I do drink a lot of energy drinks) but there is an amount for everyone, and every extra can is an added risk.

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