2021 Ford Puma ST Better than the Fiesta ST ?

The simple question “Is the 2021 Ford Puma ST Better than the Fiesta ST ? ” I like the look of the 2021 Ford Puma and the drive of the 2021 Ford Fiesta ST so …


  1. A lowered version of a raised fiesta? Ford took the shrooms! I can see from your steering that it is way more boaty than a mk8 fiesta ST. This car just doesn’t make much sense

  2. Not for us living in the States, which is frustrating……apparently Ford has given up competing in parts of the market and instead sells to my parent's parents and Mustang fans for those who still want a bit of fun……so shortsighted. (really should take a look at what BMW has done with the Mini before deciding there is no market for this car here). There is a reason most people I know don't even look at Ford cars as possible purchases unless you want a pickup truck.

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