Why Portugal Decriminalized All Drugs | The War on Drugs

In 2001, Portugal decriminalized all drugs. Meanwhile, the police in the Philippines have spent the last four years shooting thousands of addicts dead in the …


  1. Em Portugal funcionou, sou um pai de família hoje em dia com uma vida perfeitamente normal, bebo umas minis como todo o Português , aqui valeu a pena , já vivi na Holanda e sou a favor da despenalização das drogas leves mas na busca por acabar com as pesadas, não é proibido ,não há trafico nas ruas, logo a policia tem tempo para tratar das piores.

  2. Boa Noite, como já foi dito aqui por um Português , também eu era um jovem nos anos 90 e meti-me na heroína , depois a minha mãe faleceu em 94 e pedi-me totalmente , tinha pouco e perdi mesmo tudo , até o respeito por mim próprio, em 97 tratei-me e tenho uma família, trabalho faço uma vida normal. Sim nisso o governo estava certo, também com a ajuda da minha irmã. não desejo a ninguém o que eu passei.

  3. As soon as I see this guy I turn off the video. It's not just him that annoys me. It's how vice still re-uses old stories and content and tries to make it new? STOP ✋ vice this is baloney 💩

  4. If I was philipinoo …if I was born in philipiness …I will be be shoot or killed …..damn fucking law thank God they don't kill people In Nepal …we are still hanging and life's going on …Rehab it's sucks …Methadone ..Harm Reduction Programme it works …..

  5. The war on drugs is a failed experiment. Sadly, people will continue to blame drugs and only add more regulation…just like the long battle to basically remove the 2nd amendment or make such great changes to it that's it's unrecognizable from it's original intent. The lack of accountability as individuals and as a society is sickening. It's so much easier to blame inanimate objects for our issues. It seems everyone in America wants to be a victim of some sort which only furthers their sense of entitlement.

  6. I've seen many of my friends being swallowed whole by heavy drugs in the 80's and 90's, here in Portugal, most of them would end on "Casal Ventoso" injecting until one day they were dead, the diference is abismal now, we don't sacrifice whole generations to drugs anymore, better help, take them out of that way and out of the prisons and give them hope to rehabilitate their self worth, you can't vitimize the victims already, although you can punish drug dealers with the outmost severity, i do agree adicts must be helped, but drug dealers must be punished with decades behind bars.

  7. People keep talking about Portugal's example on the decriminalization of drugs, as if it had been an strategy design to produce the effects of reduction in the number of addicts or as if it was the result of a change in the mindset of society (and politicians) in regards to drug addiction. That was NOT the case!
    Portugal is not a rich country, its government has always struggled to balance its budget and the government could not afford to increase the funds for the prison system and for the police, therefore the government decided to simply ignore the perceived problem (of drug addiction) and focus on the problem of drug trafficking to try to shake off the bad image that this drug problem was creating for Portugal. So the government decided to focus all the police resources on the fight against the drug dealers and drug producers (in order to make the fight against drugs more cost effective) and they also started the "methadone van" programs to try to shake off the bad image that the drug addiction was causing to the country, if they simply ignore the drug addicts altogether the international community and the national left wing political parties would say negative things about the policy and the government for its new more economic approach (and we can't have that). Surprisingly the "methadone vans" worked (and this is the true miracle of the Portuguese policy) giving treatment to drug addicts and treating them as patients with a chronic illness was more effective than treating them as criminals. the decriminalization of consumption was NOT the reason why the drug addiction rates fell.

  8. Listen people! I just read 2,500 opinions on this and only saw a couple that are close to accurate. If this Was a "war on drugs" then sadly we have already lost. Look at the stats for opioid overdose or death here in some of the states, consistently going up for the past few years so the system has failed us so far we need change…

  9. You’ll never win the war on drugs with a war….. drugs are unbeatable in a world situation like this among the masses, you have to learn how to cope with it and make it so people who need it have a safe place and take it out of the criminals hands and sell it legally, only then will we succeed in this so called war lol this isn’t a war it’s just a killing spree

  10. You see how stupid the Philippine police are. Judging people based on how they look? With that attitude, the Philippines will suffer for the longest time.

  11. Yet drug use and particularly heroin use has increased exponentially in Portugal since decriminalization. So it didn't work at all and now the genie is out of the bottle they can't put it back in.

  12. wild animals get high, humans get high, there's a line in which you get high in a natural way and in a chemical way, the line's crossed when it comes to chemicals and that causes a problem, no one should get killed for it, but crossing the line between a natural and a chemical high should be enforced in some way. In my opinion a natural high should be accepted because it causes an experiance that makes you want to communicate, it can connect people if it's not incriminating. And a chemical one just ruins your life…

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