Why Is Your Dog Coughing?

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  1. Hi. My dog has possible trachea collapse What do you do if your dog wonโ€™t eat honey is it ok to mix it with something? Also are the Curcamin and CBD special for animals or are they the human ones?

  2. Thanks for your advice. My 14 yr old rat terrier started coughing about a week ago. I've tried the honey and took off her collar. So I will be getting some of the ideas you gave me. She's doing better now. Thank you .I would love to have your book but didn't see where to get it from.

  3. My 4 month old puppy sounds like her but really only in the morning she eats fine plays fine I mean looks and eats great just that cough and gagging and sounds like her I have heard all the other coughing for other things and she dont sound like that but can puppys have this problem

  4. not sure if you will see this I got your course and your supplement, need your help.
    my dog minnie gave her water and she was off leash ate alot of grass, my treats and not sure if anything else and she started to make sounds like reerse sneezing not sure if they are coughs, she wasnt able to walk, carried her, cant bark barely a growl, she can walk some now but have fits. been keeping an eye on her of course she gets sick when vets are close and no one really opened on a sunday. I tried to look at her thoart wont let me tried a stick on tounge still cant see it. when she sleeps its peaceful but awake her sometimes has those fits. she drank water since this all started,

  5. I just spent $250 on chest x-rays because my vet thought my dogโ€™s cough could be a collapsed trachea. When she applied pressure there, it induced a cough apparently. X-ray showed no such diagnosis. So we are treating him for kennel cough.
    Do you recommend x-rays for a dogโ€™s cough?

  6. '' # 1Natural Pet Health Network on YouTube!'' – and probably the only one lol The other vets practice real medicine and I think I'll stick to their advice.

  7. my dog is at home all the time, we barely go out for a walk or a trip. She's 10 or older, she's a miniature poodle, her cough sounds worse than this one. I'm very worried about her, it's been going on for a few months, and we took her to the vet but my dad didn't tell me much, I feel he doesn't want to because it's hard for him to talk about it since he lost many dogs during his lifetime and it's painful for him to admit that a new dog he loves is going to die soon too. However, I have a feeling that what he doesn't want to tell me is that my dog is suffering from a tracheal collapse, I can tell, I looked this up and I feel my dog's trachea is getting smaller. I don't want my dog to suffer anymore, she and I have a very strong bond, and I want to ease her pain. My dad did tell me a few things, such as getting her medication to aid her bronchi so they can open up and she can breathe better. Her heart is very strong, though, and she's probably suffering from a cold. However, he did lately started suggesting that she may have tracheal collapse, but he didn't confirm it. I don't know what to do, I'm very worried about her, I need all the help I can get, and I'm not rich enough to afford more vet visits.

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