What Free Resources Everyone Should Take Advantage of?

▷ Fresh AskReddit Stories: What’s a free resource available to everyone that most people don’t know about or take advantage of?


  1. i never liked krita as a drawing program- but i highly recommend medibang paint pro! it also has a cloud feature so you can sync your drawings to your phone. it’s completely free and i used it for years up until i got an ipad with procreate.

  2. Public libraries in the United States are courtesy of Andrew J Carnegie. He agreed to pay half the cost of setting up libraries in small communities across the country. The community had to come up with the other half to ensure they would appreciate and utilize them.

  3. Oh, and also I highly recommend the library also! If you are patient enough, whenever a new movie hits the theater, if you wait a few months, the library
    gets that movie you might've been wanting to see or just any DVD in general. Its free, so take advantage of it. But dont be an ass and scratch the disc.
    Use it, dont abuse it 😉

  4. Not exactly a free resource here, but I need it mention it in case anyone needs the help. If you cant afford a psychologist, therapy or any mental
    health help, then you can always ask for a sliding scale based on your current situation. And even sometimes they could offer it for free for a while.
    Not every doctor is in it for the money… I remember when I was dirt broke at times, I was only paying about 20 a week for three seasons at the time.
    Definitely helps someone to talk to.

  5. A lot of the time you can grow produce from what you get at the store. I've got three green onions in a flower pot that are now taller than they were when I bought them from the grocery, and that's after I cut and ate them. I just kept the bulbs at the bottom, planted them shallowly, and watered 'em once in a while.

  6. Project Gutenberg and wikisource are both underutilized. Also land grant University agricultural extension services beyond 4h.

  7. not sure if this was said,
    -Google Colabs | Kaggle Notebooks – You get free gpus and tpus
    -Google Cloud services – you get $300 credit for the service for free
    -Khan Academy – Literally free learning resource, whether your a younger student that wants to use it for class, SATS, or even education above high school; i.e multivarient, linear algebra (at least in the US for the most part), etc.
    -Github student dev pack – Litterally gives you free stuff worth 1000's when summed.

  8. The library is also a great resource for magazines. You can check most of them out too. You have to read the newest issue there. I used to read all my fashion magazines there. Saved me a ton of money.

  9. I don't know if this is still true, but I was able to attend community college for free while I was in high school. I also got double credits towards graduating. I graduated high school a year early and learned piano for free. You do have to buy your books, but there was a lot of used books at the college bookstore.

  10. My library has videos games. Gives me a chance to try new games before I decide to buy or if I like but don’t want to buy it I can keep checking it out cause no one knows videos are at the library

  11. The library. Seriously, you can find just about anything in a good library, and if you can't find it on the shelf, check their computers. If you don't have internet or unlimited mobile data (seriously, why? Unlimited Mobile data is like 40 bucks a month, internet without cable, which you don't need cable, is like 100 bucks a month) you can go to the library and use their internet and learn anything. From my own research on my computer and personal internet, I know how to

    Make a gun
    Build a cabinet
    How to do basic wiring
    Repair older cars
    Build a small scale turbine
    Make alcohol/ethanol
    And more

    I've also got a bunch of books on how to design safe structures like bridges and houses, what plants are safe to eat, how to grow food,

    You can learn hundreds of useful skills without having to get brainwashed at a university while going into 200,000 dollars of debt for a useless degree. Then after that all you have to do is pass the damn tests which are only a few hundred dollars, and then you can be a

    Truck driver
    Designer (clothing, cars, guns, refrigerators, just about anything)

    Instead of taking advantage of all of this, all I hear is bitching about how "college should be free" like we don't already use taxpayer money to fund colleges and Healthcare with disastrous results. Take advantage of the opportunities given, don't complain about the ones you aren't.

    Plus there's a bunch of websites, and for now YouTube is included in this, where you can learn stuff. There's people who learned how to build tiny homes just from watching youtube.

  12. In many countries you only have to be enrolled in a university to take exams, while many courses/lectures themselves are accessible for free to everyone. Just walk in and take a seat.

  13. The OVERDRIVE app
    It's an app that links to your public library card from your local public library which then allows you to check out ANY library book that your own public library or libraries carry. Your books then are downloaded and read on any device or you can choose the audiobook version if you prefer and it's all for FREE.
    It's basically Audible but for free.

  14. DVR might be called something else in other states but in Washington it’s DVR
    Department of vocational rehab they will help with education, driver training, they have helped pay for half my BAs degree and all of ata degree.Books and school supplies,

  15. The app Overdrive. You can download books for free for 28 days, like an online library, from any real existing library (I think it is limited to US libraries), including the library in D.C

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