1. The anti cancer is wrong , i have been studying this for many years now , also read many scientific studies on this. also i have a very good friend that has the worst cancer you can get.( supposedly incurable) he was given 6 months almost three years ago. it is the THC that helps (legal term) as it is against the law that was brought out , to say cures or words in that effect (cancer act 1939).in fact im in a battle at the moment with one of my government departments over CBD. THC actually bonds to the bad cells and more or less tells the cells to commit suicide. CBD is more for pain and swelling also quite a lot of other ailments . there are many studies out there that can be researched by very highly reputable scientist around the world (believe it or not Israel is one of the biggest that uses this treatment in a controlled environment).Rick Simpson (RSO oils) is a very good place to start as he made his own form of said disease of the skin type go away (note the wording you MUST be very careful when talking about said subject) Rick is a very good example for the repercussions of using the wrong words, Rick has done many lectures on this and can be found on youtube .hope this helps a little.

  2. Yes! James has recently quit smoking pot and THC but he found CBD only strains still work for his occasional pain and they don't interrupt his sleep, he still dreams and he doesn't have the after-soreness he gets if he goes to sleep stoned. I haven't wanted/needed pot in years but I think CBD holds a lot of promise for those who are being held back by some of the bad side effects of THC but still get benefits from cannabis. From what I've been told growing CBD only plants is not as fussy as growing the high THC plants. They've been "back bred" for more of their wild traits as well as some strains even being cross bred with wild cannabis (so I had heard).

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