Walter Jackson Freeman II The Champion Of The Lobotomy

Walter Jackson Freeman II was an evangelical neurosurgeon, vocal about his beliefs and touting a procedure of his own creation from the 1940s through the …


  1. Freeman was a sadistic glory hunter, like one of the thousands of quacks from the 19th century. Didn't seem to faze him when his victims were permanently injured or died….he just went on to the next one, with nary a care. And he was practicing "surgery" without a license, again and again…why was he allowed to continue?

  2. I've had questions about the lobotomy for years. And, before this video, my questions went unanswered. Now with this video, and Howard Duffy's story, almost all my questions are answered. Except for two.. With the public, and doctors knowing how dangerous the transorbital lobotomy was, why was it continued for so long?
    And my 2nd question: I know that Thorizine's creation is what caused it to fall out of style, but, when Dr. Nutjob found out about Thorizine, he refused to acknowledge the medication, and how it was able to control the mental illnesses, what caused the public to turn its back on the procedure, and helping to make sure it became a thing of the past?

  3. It's so weird to hear how the man who actually came up with the idea of slicing the brain up actually wanted it to be some big last resort if all else fails move. I wouldn't be surprised if the original technique was much more careful then the new icepick style

  4. I would call it pioneering from the beginning, considering where medicine was at the time this was an incredibly revolutionary proceedure and not unbased it legitimate medical science, however it got to his head (pun intended) and despite even further advancement past his own in the field of curing mental illnesses he stuck to his guns because he couldnt come off the high of being a leading revolutionary of medical practice

  5. I am PETRIFIED of lobotomies, based on the fact that it I had been born not too much earlier than I was, I likely would have been lobotomized due to my Tourette’s syndrome. Which is an utterly horrifying thought.

  6. It's always the second, never the first or third but always the second, just like Jr, never Sr or Jr Jr always Jr. Also, poor Norbert Weiner had no chance, his parents mustn't of like him very much

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