1. Créma has nothing to do with Quality ! absult nothing. By this machine the crema is creating from a valve on this machine 😉

  2. AwfuLL product ! When I waS in Colorado camPp mood used with gaySs however my experienCe waSs onLy coFFe with so water ! not an espresso ! why Wacaco make " TO DECEIVE THE CONSUMERS " Don't write the espresso in the manual its not Americano too…Something like between coFFe-wateR………

  3. The handle of the piston of my nanopresso product doesn’t work as smoothly as yours, I mean, the piston doesn’t move completely back after pressing, I need to pull it back few millimetres. Though the coffee is tasty and creamy. Do you think some think could be wrong with it?

  4. thank's for the movie
    Too much work for a cup of espresso.
    Could not be bad if he had been working with capsules. All in all nice. But expensive in terms of cost-effectiveness.
    Should cost a maximum of $ 10.

  5. Wow great review just got one today ,I guess the way your grind your beans is personal ,any suggestions ,ie work better with power ,corse ,plunger etc etc ,and oh my word don’t use plastic it’s bad and so on from reviews ,guess you won’t like my V8 diesel Land cruiser

  6. Thank you. Perfect explanation. I have decided to purchase one for work to hopefully have the espresso experience I am used to from my delonghi I have here at home

  7. Great review Erin. Concise and to the point. Would be interested in how hot it was after pumping though. Thats my own question. And how it compares to a store bought espresso ( starbucks ). Considering getting this over a $400 breville machine

  8. I recommend also getting the Barista Kit as this can make back-to-back double shots in the Nanopresso. A ring adapter, larger water container and two grounds holders.

  9. so to make a coffee you now need to carry a kettle…. gas to boil the kettle…. carry this….. carry pods……. how is this keeping gear lean – for a coffee? really??? you're camping take a satchel of coffee and just add water. keep it simple and LEAN! lol OH then you need all that extra water required to clean it

  10. Question: do you need to take hot water with you separately (in a thermos) or you can fill the coffee maker with hot water and it will keep it hot as a thermos (4-5 hours)?

  11. Congratulations Erin – a concise and informative presentation, and you resisted the temptation to include some annoying backing muzak that so many presenters use. I want one, are they available in the UK/Europe from someone other than Amazon/Ebay? Would prefer to support a small independent beverage retailer or distributor.

  12. Thanks for the review, I've used quite a few versions of these over the years.
    Just want to add, for those who use it for travelling there's a Nanopresso NS adaptor to use with the Nespresso Capsules, I find them to be a lot more convenient to carry around and clean compare to using ground coffee. No mess just need a quick rinse and wipe.

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